Civil aviation passenger flow cut back Estee Lauder 6percent off the rescue site can be copied?

 Civil aviation passenger flow cut back Estee Lauder 6percent off the rescue site can be copied?

Like Zhou Ke, there are lots of people on the spot. When she picked up the goods, the people in line went from the pick-up point to the security checkpoint. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control has not been lifted, this lively is particularly dazzling.

In a short time, the promotional activity with great preferential intensity was stopped, and the daily duty-free stores in Shanghai Pudong Airport and Beijing Capital Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport duty-free stores and other stores successively ended the promotion.

In the unconventional discount, it is the revelry of the leakers, and the self-help of the airport and duty-free shops whose passenger volume is almost cut off.

Six fold power

In Xiuying port, Haikou, where Zhou can pick up the goods, the iron frame of the pick-up point is filled with the mystery of sea blue and Estee Lauders products.

During the event, the page of Hainan duty free official mall shows that many brands under Estee Lauder group, such as Estee Lauder, the mystery of sea blue, Clinique, Zu Malone, etc., participate in the event, which is a rare privilege.

Take 50mls Estee Lauder small brown bottle as an example. The essence of this 839 yuan price is 645 yuan in the tax exempt store of the China free group, and only 387 yuan after 3 pieces of 40 percent off.

In addition to the attention of ordinary consumers such as Zhou Ke, the news of 60% discount is also on the screen in the professional shopping group.

In the purchasing group where South Korea buys Mai Mai on behalf of others, some of them buy air tickets and hire people to take goods with them. They swept over 200000 yuan of goods in two days, all of which are mystery of sea blue, Estee Lauder and Zu Malone. They are easy to sell, and they are estimated to make a net profit of 100000 yuan. Mcmay revealed.

Although he got the news for the first time, Mai Mai gave up the rush. After all, under the epidemic situation, the risk of aggregation is too high.

Zhou Ke recalled that he arrived at the port early that day to queue in advance. After waiting for nearly ten people in the queue, he arrived at the pick-up room and finally took out the goods ordered online from the counter staff. The whole process took nearly half an hour.

After that, she took a boat for more than an hour to Haian port in Xuwen city and then returned to Haikou. It was six oclock in the evening when she got home. There are fewer people in the morning. I heard that in the afternoon, I had to wait for two hours to pick up the goods..

As a professional agent, it is the daily work of Mai Mai to pick up goods in line. However, she had to make the worst plan for the next generation purchase.

The goods ordered years ago are still waiting for the recovery of customs clearance and logistics, much later than expected. Customers have already returned the order, which is a loss.

In addition, the gradual spread of the epidemic in Japan and South Korea has also prevented Mai Mai from continuing to buy on behalf of others. How long can the next purchasing business last? Mai has no confidence. If I cant get better in a month, Ill either have to go out and buy goods under the epidemic or give up buying on behalf of others first.

Can the six fold rescue site be copied?

A number of duty-free shop assistants told the economic observer that the promotion was the action of Estee Lauder group, but it was expected to last for half a year with a 60% discount, because it increased the risk of crowd gathering and was reported to be suspended.

Since a 60% discount can trigger a consumption boom, if it can solve the problem of crowd gathering, can other brands and venues learn from this way to save? Its hard. Not all brands can afford a 60% discount, and not all brands can achieve this effect. An unnamed beauty industry analyst told the economic observer.

In her opinion, there are two reasons for Estee Lauders good results:

Second, high-profile single products have occupied consumers psychology, order directly without trying, buy blindly, and the decision-making cost is very low. But how many brands, like Estee Lauder, have so many high-profile pieces?

The gross profit margin of high-end fragrant chemical products can reach 80% - 90%. Many industry researchers told the economic observer that they had reported similar figures. With 40% of the site rent deducted, there is still considerable profit, said Yu zhanfu, partner and vice president of Greater China of Roland Berger, a management consulting company.

The competition in the beauty industry is fierce. The R & D and publicity costs of high-end products are not low, and there is not so much profit space for affordable products. In the past two years, who dares to get a 60% discount for the whole line of Chinese cosmetics? The analysts denied that other brands could learn from Estee Lauders move.

Helplessness of civil aviation passenger flow

According to the data of the Ministry of transport, in the 40 days from January 10 to February 18, 38.39 million passengers were sent by civil aviation across the country, a year-on-year decrease of 47.5%.

A duty-free shop assistant at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport said that the number of people entering the shop during the Spring Festival was one tenth of the previous number, and the sales volume had not reached the peak.

To fundamentally solve the dilemma of airport retail, we have to wait for the passenger flow of civil aviation to recover.

Lin Zhijie, a civil aviation practitioner, said that although the inflection point of civil aviation passenger flow means the recovery of passenger flow at airports and duty-free shops, the impact on the economy will affect consumers willingness to buy. If some enterprises cut jobs or pay, the recovery of consumer willingness will lag behind.

Yu zhanfu also said that in response to the epidemic, some enterprises reduced or even suspended salaries of employees, and consumed annual leave or compensatory leave during the shutdown period, resulting in a decrease in peoples income and leave at the same time. This will limit consumption decisions after the outbreak.

According to the current situation of resumption of production and work, Yu zhanfu predicted that the loss of airport business during the whole epidemic period may be up to nearly 1 / 4 of the usual annual income. This is also a combination of recent outbreaks in other countries, which will have a substantial impact on the active exit of Chinese passengers in the future.