Important notice issued by Nanjing, Jiangsu Province: strict prevention and control of epidemic situation during resumption of work

 Important notice issued by Nanjing, Jiangsu Province: strict prevention and control of epidemic situation during resumption of work

3. Personnel from some countries with severe epidemic situation who come back to Nanjing shall set up a special green channel at the airport, implement measures such as temperature detection, wearing masks, filling in health declaration cards, etc., and handle abnormalities in a timely manner in accordance with the specifications. For those who come from or have been to a country or region with serious epidemic situation, they shall be subject to centralized medical observation for 14 days after returning to Ning, and those with symptoms shall be sent to designated medical institutions for examination and treatment in time.

2u3001 Resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic

4. Implement various measures to optimize the management of the community, carry out accurate prevention and control at different levels. The community shall implement the system of 24-hour duty, problem report and handling, and implement measures such as temperature detection and registration of foreign personnel for all personnel entering the community. For the non property management community, the district and street town shall continue to implement the closed management and other prevention and control measures in accordance with the territorial principle. Fully consider the production and living needs of the masses and travel needs, and minimize the impact on the daily life of the masses. For the implementation of home-based medical observers, strict control measures, improve the health declaration system, and do a good job in life security services.

5. Strictly control and manage the medical institutions, strengthen the industry supervision responsibility of the health authorities and the main responsibility of the medical institutions, solidly carry out the prevention and control of hospital infection, effectively protect the medical staff and patients, and effectively prevent hospital infection. We will standardize the work of pre examination and triage in medical institutions and fever clinics, and strictly screen suspected patients.

6. Strengthen the protection of special places and key groups, such as nursing homes, rescue stations, welfare homes, mental health service institutions, implement fully closed management measures, and strictly control external contacts such as visits and visits. We will comprehensively improve the prevention and control level of institutions such as detention centers and strong warning centers, strengthen the prevention and control of killing in regulatory areas, and strictly monitor the health of police and staff.

3u3001 Strengthen the control of key areas

7. Shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers markets, stores, etc. shall strictly implement the temperature detection system, ventilate, clean and disinfect the public areas and key parts in strict accordance with the standards, and properly control the scale of people flow.

8. Refine the prevention and control measures for public transport, strictly implement the prevention and control measures such as ventilation, disinfection, temperature detection, etc., and set up Centralized Disinfection points to kill taxis. Metro and public transport should adjust their capacity dynamically according to the passenger flow, implement the passenger code scanning registration system, maintain the waiting distance and ensure safe travel.

9. Gradually and orderly restore open public service spaces such as cultural and Museum venues, libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, stadiums and stadiums, scientifically set up entrances and exits, visit flow lines and open areas, reasonably control flow, strengthen ventilation and disinfection of venues and public service facilities, and prevent the gathering of personnel.

4u3001 Pay attention to the prevention and control of enterprises

10. The return to work enterprise shall strictly implement the work of epidemic prevention, such as the registration of returning personnel, temperature detection, dining room separation, dormitory closed management, public area disinfection, etc., to ensure that the health declaration and registration of personnel are in place, the morning inspection of employees is in place, the site killing and protection are in place, the independent separation of meals is in place, the traffic safety organization of employees is in place, and the connection with the community is in place after work. Enterprises are encouraged to implement flexible working system, off peak commuting and other practices to effectively reduce personnel density.

11. Strengthen the prevention and control of commercial buildings, and implement the main responsibilities of building properties and enterprises. Building property management should establish mutual aid alliance, build a working mechanism of mass prevention and treatment, standardize the process of temperature detection, registration, disinfection, etc., supervise and guide the enterprises in the building to do a good job in epidemic prevention, comprehensively implement the epidemic prevention and control measures in public space, organize voluntary epidemic prevention services, and strictly prevent the cluster infection.

12. Do a good job in the closed management of the construction site and living area, strictly control the mobility, reduce the density of the community, do not use the large space and large shop, strengthen the popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge, and ensure that the prevention and control measures are in place.

5u3001 Strengthening the prevention and control of epidemic situation in Colleges and Universities

13. Colleges and universities in Nanjing should reiterate the discipline requirement that students are not allowed to go back to school without approval, find out the number of teachers and students in Nanjing and those who have returned to Nanjing, closely follow up and strengthen management. We will improve the school local coordination mechanism, strengthen the management of family areas within the school, and effectively implement joint prevention and control measures. To serve and guide foreign teachers and students to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

6u3001 Strengthen the self prevention of citizens

14. The general public should pay attention to self-protection, continue to implement measures such as wearing masks in public places, temperature detection and no gathering, consciously keep a distance from others and avoid participating in collective activities.

(CCTV reporter Wu Rui)