Female nurse: Guo Allen cheers me up and makes me full of strength

 Female nurse: Guo Allen cheers me up and makes me full of strength

She often interacts and chats with patients for more than 20 days

In an interview with reporters, Li manggang had just finished a days work. Recently, many patients condition gradually improved, which made her very happy. We left the hospital for the airport at 8 a.m. on February 9, and then flew to Wuhan. When I knew that the epidemic began to spread, I was ready to support it. I also communicated with my family. I felt very honored to be able to come to the front line of Wuhan. Li mang said that at present, she is working in a11 ward of Wuhan leishenshan hospital. On the first day when she arrived at the hospital, 34 patients came in.

Seven of them come from the nursing home. They have many basic diseases and are in serious condition. Many of them are bedridden, unable to eat by themselves, and need to be fed by nurses. Many older patients can only speak Wuhan dialect, and they also have difficulties in language communication at the beginning. For this reason, Li Mang and his colleagues have also worked hard, while the relatively young patients can speak Mandarin, they translate for the medical staff, and the patients who know the words communicate by writing. There are also some patients who cant speak and dont know what they want to express at the beginning. In this case, we have spent a lot of effort. After running in, we now know what their needs are and can meet their basic life needs.

In addition to normal treatment work, Li mang often interacts with patients, chatting with them, telling jokes, recording small videos and so on. We are very happy to see their condition improve, and we often encourage and encourage them when interacting. We are in a good mood to see them happy.

Specially write down the name to feel the idol fighting with himself

Guo not only replied on social media that Li mang was willing to fight with her, but also recorded a video for her after the training. Hello, Li mang. This is Alan Guo. I saw the photos you took and wrote my name on your protective clothing. I am very grateful for your support and love for me over the years. I also admire you for your unremitting efforts to rush to work in Wuhan! I firmly believe that we will overcome the epidemic, and I hope you can take good care of yourself and wish you a safe return as soon as possible! Cheer for you! Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!

Im very happy and excited to see the refueling video that Guo Allen recorded for me, especially to hear his thick northeast dialect, which makes me feel like returning to Shenyang. I feel that I have changed from a silent supporter to a supporter who can call out his name. Cheer me on and make me full of strength. When talking about this topic, Li mang was still excited. I was a little sleepy when I was on the night shift. I was afraid that I would fall asleep. So I asked my colleague to write down the name of Aaron Guo on my protective clothing, thinking that he was fighting with me and refreshing himself.

Li mang told reporters that in recent years, as long as she has time, she will watch Liao basketball match to cheer for the team and Guo Allen. She likes Guo Allens positive attitude on the court. His performance on the court is wonderful and hard-working. I like his attitude very much. It gives people a positive feeling of sunshine and full of positive energy. Whether its attacking or defending, its a character Im looking forward to. In fact, there are a lot of Guo Allens fans and Liaoning mens basketball fans in our medical team. Like me, they are more motivated to see the video recorded by Allen. We will work harder with his expectation and that of the people in his hometown to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. Li Qingshi, director of all media of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang daily

Nurse Guo Allen: take care of your body and wait for your triumphant return

Guo Allen, a guard of Liaoning mens basketball team, publicly responded to a nurse named Li mang through social media, saying he would like to fight with her. This is another CBA players response to the epidemic front-line nurse since Lin Shuhao.