Hollywood hit by the epidemic: the release of blockbusters in mainland China is under great pressure

 Hollywood hit by the epidemic: the release of blockbusters in mainland China is under great pressure

According to the Wall Street Journal, the real-life Mulan has yet to be released in mainland China

According to the Wall Street Journal, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia is causing a huge impact on the Hollywood film industry. Since late January, affected by the epidemic, some Hollywood studios have had to postpone plans to release the latest works in mainland China.

In addition, the epidemic began to spread to the next wave of film shooting. American actor Tom Cruises classic series mission impossible 7 was originally filmed in Italy. I didnt expect to see an outbreak in Italy soon after the movie was launched. Paramount Pictures, the producer, had planned to shoot in Venice for three weeks. It was forced to stop shooting and withdraw the crew to the United States.

Blockbuster schedule is delayed, and the box office in mainland China is prominent

For Hollywood, the bigger loss comes from the box office in mainland China. Giants like Disney, Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures cant be sure when they will be able to return to theaters in mainland China. As the second largest box office market in the world, China is crucial to its film strategy.

So far, the two films with obvious losses are Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr., and sonic, the hedgehog, starring Kim Carrey, produced by universal pictures and Paramount Pictures. It is reported that the schedule of the two films in mainland China has been postponed indefinitely.

According to the Wall Street Journal, universal pictures had hoped to make up for the high production cost of strange doctor Doolittle through its performance in the mainland market of China

Doolittle, a strange doctor, is a fantasy film that global film industry has spent $175 million to create. It is adapted from the American fairy tale book of the same name. The reason why Robert Downey Jr. was chosen for the role is that his image of iron man has gained a large number of fans in China.

Universal hopes to offset costs by the films strong performance at the box office in mainland China, but the initial plans for its release in mainland China last month have been put on hold by the epidemic. The film has a mediocre performance in the North American box office market, with only $204.9 million in global box office receipts so far.

Paramounts Sonic the hedgehog made $210 million at the global box office in 10 days. The film was due to be released in mainland China at the end of February, but paramount announced Thursday that it would be released in mainland China again at the right time due to the epidemic.

In addition, DreamWorkss war blockbuster 1917 was released in the United States on January 10, 2020, but the specific release time of the blockbuster in mainland China has not been determined.

11 months of films released in 7 months, so theres a lot of pressure

It is reported that in the first quarter of each year, Chinese films usually dominate the box office market in mainland China. Because in the lunar new year, cinemas tend to pay more attention to domestic films than expensive imported films. Eric handler, an analyst at mkmpartners, a research firm, said: for Hollywood studios, the first quarter of box office activity in mainland China is relatively low. The second quarter is when they tend to be active in mainland China.

The films planned to be released in the second quarter mainly include MGMs latest 007 series, no time to die, and marvel and Disneys black widow 2, which will be released in North America in April and may, respectively.

Of all Hollywood companies, Disney has been hit the hardest. In addition to last weeks call of the wild and the upcoming animated film forward, Disney plans to release the epic blockbuster Mulan in North America in late March. In 1998, Disney brought Mulans classic historical story to the screen in the form of animation. This real-life version of Mulan is predicted to achieve good box office results in mainland China. But so far, forward and Mulan have not yet determined the specific release time in mainland China.

Eric handler, an analyst at mkmpartners, a research firm, said: even if all theaters in mainland China reopen before May, the theaters will have to deal with a large circulation backlog. Its very stressful to release 11 months of film in seven months.