Doha station: sabalenka wins the Copa 11 in a row

 Doha station: sabalenka wins the Copa 11 in a row

Sabalenka, a fierce Belarusian woman, shot 21 winning points including 7 ace balls, limiting the number of active errors to 15. She won the third title in the last six months after pressing Kova. Since the Wuhan competition in September last year, sabalenka has won 11 consecutive super five level competitions, and she also ended the 10 consecutive victories of 2018 Doha champion kovitova.

Saballenkas first set scoring rate is above 80% in both the first set and the first set. She has not faced any break crisis in the whole set. The guarantee of serving means that sabalenka can defend the attack wantonly, and her attack efficiency is also higher than that of Kova. The two sides played 7 winning points of the same amount, and saballenkas 4 active errors in the set were only 1 / 2 of Kovas. In the first serve, Kova was broken to dissolve two break points. Facing the third break point, the Czech famous player would be transferred and run in the wrong direction by the opponent, and sabalenka was able to break at the beginning. Belarusian ferocious woman keeps the advantage to the end of the plate and cashes in the second inventory by ACE ball.

Zipankova had the chance to take the lead in breaking the deadlock. In the fourth set, she squandered five break points successively, and sabalenka was able to survive every crisis with a strong serve. The two sides held a stalemate to 3-3, and sabalenka broke Kovas two serve innings. In the 9th inning, Kova saved three championship points in a non guaranteed inning. However, sabalenkas backhand tennis forced Kova to volley out of the field, and the 9th seed then locked in the victory ahead of time.

Saballenka has rewritten her record of fighting with Kova as 1-1. Since last years Wuhan super five tournament, her record has reached 22 wins and 6 losses, and her world ranking will rise to 11th.