Klopper: losing doesnt disappoint the team. It can be easier next

 Klopper: losing doesnt disappoint the team. It can be easier next

In the first 27 league games, Liverpool won 26 games and drew 1, only lost 2 points, which was very horrible. Against Watford on the road, Liverpool seem to have put three points in their pocket, but they have turned over in the gutter. Im not disappointed with the result that I cant win the season, because you cant break the record if you want to. To break the record, you have to be 100% focused. Its a marathon run. Of course, we didnt play well today Kropp said.

I see this loss more as a positive factor because from today on we can play stress free football again. Im not upset, but I dont know what others think. Next, we dont need to think about how to set a new record all day. We just want to win and thats what we want to do.

We dont think its unimportant because weve won so many games, but we dont think todays loss is a disaster in the history of football. We can feel the loss and then we will react quickly. Some people always say that we are going to break the record, but I never thought so

We must continue to work. So far, the performance of the lads is unparalleled. But its not over. Its the only thing that interests me. Its not over. We will continue to win, I promise, 100%. Well see what motivates us. Its not easy. Lets keep going. If you can win, of course its best. Now that we have lost, we will try to do it in the right way and respond like a man Said uncle slag.

Van Dyck, the teams defensive core, also commented on todays loss: we have to reflect, we need to continue to improve. Its hard to accept the result, but its football. We havent conceded three goals in a game for a long time. It happened today, which means we have to improve ourselves. Its really hard for us to lose, but we never thought about recording things like that before. Thats what the media said

Now, what we want is to win the game behind us and rebound strongly. This is the only way we can move forward. Van Dyck said: I dont think we have much problem in defence. If you look at the whole season, our defense has been very good. We are the team with the most opponents in the league. On the whole, its unacceptable to lose 3-0 today. Despite the loss, Liverpool are still 22 points ahead of second place city and it will be a matter of time before they win.

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