Bernard wuchengmessi scored 15 goals in 21 games, 6-2 + 5 players in a row

 Bernard wuchengmessi scored 15 goals in 21 games, 6-2 + 5 players in a row

In his career, Messi has played Real Madrid in 21 away games, including League 14, Champions League 1, Kings cup 3 and super bowl 3. Messi has 20 starts and one substitute, with a total of 1813 minutes. In the 21 games, Barca has 12 wins, 3 draws and 6 defeats, with 52.2%, 14.2% and 28.5% respectively.

In Bernabeu, Messi scored a total of 15 goals. Fourteen of the goals were scored with the left foot and one with the right foot. These 15 goals include 11 in La Liga, 2 in the Champions League and 2 in the super bowl. These 15 goals are divided into 10 goals in sports, 4 in penalty and 1 in free kick.

At Bernabeu, Messi has created countless classic moments. In the 2008 / 09 season, Barcelona killed Real Madrid 6-2 away from home, and Messi scored two goals to assist twice. In the 10 / 11 Champions League semi-final, Messi scored twice in Bernabeu. The second goal was a century goal after five players. In the 16 / 17 season, after Messi beat Real Madrid in seconds, he made the classic celebration of basking in the Jersey in the face of the curse.

However, in the national Derby, Messi has not scored for nearly two years. Messis last goal came on May 6, 2018. In the next 336 minutes, Messi did not taste the taste of goals. Can Messi break the scoring drought at Bernabeu tonight?

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473