I didnt expect it! Its they who beat the Liverpool ghost 35 years later

 I didnt expect it! Its they who beat the Liverpool ghost 35 years later

Lets take a look at Watfords performance before this round. In the last four rounds, Watford lost 1-2 away to villa, 2-3 home to Everton, 1-1 away to Brighton and 0-3 away to Manchester United. They were very embarrassed and fell into the relegation zone. This time against Liverpool at home, it is estimated that the most ardent Hornets fans would not expect their team to win. But thats how the miracle happened. Under the pressure of relegation, Watford is playing like a chicken today, winning the reds with three goals.

Statistics after the game show that although Watford has only 29% of the ball control rate, he has 14 shots, five shots, while Liverpool has seven shots and one shot. Data media squawka pointed out that Watford is the first Arsenal team to score three goals at home in the Premier League in December 2017. In December 2017, Arsenal drew 3-3 with Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium.

On November 23, 1985, the relegation team Leicester City beat the leaders Manchester United 3-0. 35 years later, the Premier League is back to the scene of the relegation zone teams three goals smashing the leaders, and Watford is the protagonist of the story. This season, Watford has been a mess, once reduced to the joke of the outside world, they have fired Gracia and Flores in a row, setting the fastest record for two coaches leaving the Premier League. On December 7, 2019, they invited former Leicester City Manager Pearson to stabilize the situation.

Pearson is a real rank guard. In the 2014-15 season, when he was in charge of Leicester City, the blue fox was once considered to be relegated to a certain level. They were ranked the bottom of the Premier League for 140 days. However, Pearson led Leicester City to win seven games in the last nine rounds of that season, which was a magic relegation. Unfortunately, the subsequent off-season in Leicester City broke out in the prostitution scandal, Pearsons son is also the perpetrator.. In the end, Pearson was fired from Leicester City.

After winning Liverpool today, Pearson was very happy: I hope I can enjoy this moment. However, I am already preparing for the next game. Its a comfortable result and its a reward for all of us working hard. My job is to steer the team. Today we have a fantastic win, but we have 10 leagues left and we have a lot of work to do. Overall, our work so far this season has been disappointing and we need to catch up

After winning Liverpool, Watford temporarily fled the relegation zone, ranking 17th. Its just a victory. I think we deserve to win, we put pressure on our opponents and we have discipline when we defend. When you fight for relegation, its important to be calm. Pearson said.

Ever thought about losing to Watford? No, I didnt think of it, he said after the game. After the game, a lot of people talked about it, but I didnt expect it (Liverpool will lose to Watford). Our players have set many records, but we didnt do well today. We cant be the best team in the history of the Premier League because we didnt play well today. Maybe we can set a new record in the future. They used 631 defensive tactics, but we didnt make good use of the space in midfield

Obviously, sooner or later we will lose points, and it happened tonight. I prefer to accept the kind of game that you dont play well and lose, because its hard to explain the kind of game that you play well and lose. There is no other excuse, we just didnt play well today. Said zuoshu.

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