China - who novel coronavirus pneumonia joint investigation report released

 China - who novel coronavirus pneumonia joint investigation report released

1. Virus attribute: the new coronavirus is an animal derived virus; the early cases found in Wuhan are believed to be infected through the way of animal to human transmission. As of February 25, no animal source has been identified.

3. virus characteristics: novel coronavirus is a newly emerged pathogen, which is highly infectious and spread fast. Its neither SARS nor flu.

4. transmission route: novel coronavirus pneumonia spreads through droplets and close contacts between infected and infected persons without protection. There may be a possibility of air transmission in medical institutions or by aerosol generated by medical operations. Fecal oral transmission does not seem to be the main communication mode.

5. Source of transmission: up to now, the vast majority of cases are from or directly related to Wuhan or Hubei. Community communication is very limited, interpersonal communication mainly occurs in the family.

6. susceptible population: novel coronavirus pneumonia is almost susceptible to infection. Further studies are needed to determine whether immunity is necessary after infection. The proportion of asymptomatic asymptomatic infections is not yet clear, but relatively rare, and is not the main driver of transmission.

7. patients: novel coronavirus pneumonia usually has an average of 5 to 6 days (average 5 to 6 days, range 1 to 14 days) after infection, with mild respiratory symptoms and fever. Most of them are mild and can be cured, and the most severe and high-risk groups are over 60 years old.

8. Medical staff infection: according to the flow survey, many medical staff cases may be infected in the family rather than in the hospital. Infection of medical staff outside Hubei is rare. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not the main feature of medical care in China.

9. China measures: China novel coronavirus pneumonia has taken effective measures to cut off the transmission of virus, and has provided important experience for the global response to the new crown pneumonia. These measures include active monitoring, rapid detection and immediate diagnosis, isolation of cases, strict tracking and isolation of close contacts, and guiding the public to understand and accept the above measures.

10. Public suggestions:

Recognizing that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new infectious disease of concern, but if we take the right measures, the outbreak will be controlled and most of the patients will be able to recover.

Immediately take and implement the most strict preventive measures, wash hands frequently, cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing;

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and its signs and symptoms, such as fever and dry cough, are constantly updated.

Everyone is ready to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control through various ways, strictly maintain the social distance, and strive to help the elderly and other high-risk groups.