Happy is the end! Bashuai fish jump free his own heavy gun long-range shooting

 Happy is the end! Bashuai fish jump free his own heavy gun long-range shooting

In the 72nd minute, bashuai was replaced. One minute later, the Belgians broke the door. But bashuais offside is very obvious, and he directly fell into the other sides offside trap. The goal was called invalid by the referee.

In the 82nd minute, a very efficient scene came on. Chelseas right cross was ejected, Marcos Alonsos left foot shot far from the arc of the penalty area, and the ball flew to the right of the goal.

There are no defenders on this line. If Marcos Alonso shoots right, Chelsea have a high chance of scoring. However, it was unexpected that bashuai suddenly came to the rescue with a head dive, and he directly pushed the ball out of the danger zone.

What is bashuai thinking? Maybe he didnt think of anything, it was just his subconscious action. When you see the ball flying towards you, the striker often subconsciously touches the ball in order to change the way to interfere with the goalkeeper. But bashuais fish leaping out of the encirclement is really amusing.

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