Zhong Nanshans home scene video is pulled out: Trophy when fruit plate wife was champion

 Zhong Nanshans home scene video is pulled out: Trophy when fruit plate wife was champion

Zhong Nanshans cup is used as fruit plate! Trophy: dont I have face? (source: video synthesis)

When SARS hit

His words the most critical patient has come to me are loud and clear

17 years later, novel coronavirus pneumonia, he said, dont go to Wuhan.

At the critical moment, he could not help but sob in tears and said: everyone help the whole country

Wuhan is a city that can pass the customs. Wuhan is a very heroic city


After the outbreak, a national male God turned red: Yes, he is Zhong Nanshan

Source: xinhua.com

Two days ago, an early interview video about academician Zhong Nanshan was turned over

One of the videos about academician Zhong Nanshans family was exposed on the Internet

Zhong Laos simple home and a room full of trophies and medals caused a lot of hot discussion

The sofa is an old-fashioned broken flower sofa with a picture of academician Zhong Nanshan meeting with important leaders on the wall

The TV wall is also full

All photos of academician Zhong Nanshan attending various important occasions before

There are many pictures on the other side

There is a picture of academician Zhong Nanshan receiving the medal

Zhong Nanshan is tall and straight in the picture

With a medal in hand and a medal in hand

In front of this picture is a picture of the Zhongnanshan family and a picture of a child

But DV Jun continues to look down and finds... The bright spot is in the back~

A trophy that looks great on the table

Its full of oranges, oranges, grapes and bananas???

In response, Li Shaofen, the wife of academician Zhong Nanshan, said

The space in the house is too small. All the things in the cupboard are Zhong Lao and his grandsons

She said, these 20 years are mainly hisu201c

Because Zhong Nanshan is our goal and model

Shes gone

So what?

She put away all her awards

Only one cup in the shape of a fruit plate is allowed

The reason is

Its kind of useful

Trophy: I dont want face

In this regard, there are comments from netizens

Fruit: dont look down on brother. Brother is just a legend

In fact, the academicians wife used to be a basketball star

In 1952, she was elected to the new China Womens basketball team

As the first batch of national athletes

She is one of the founders of Chinese basketball

She has been on the expedition for her country since she was 16

I didnt finish my mission until I was 30

During his time in the team

Hungary, France, Romania, China

Champion of basketball invitational tournament of four countries

The popular womens basketball No.5 takes Li Shaofen as the main force of the womens basketball team as the prototype. Picture source: military strategy

In 1966, Li Shaofen retired

But academician Zhong Nanshan has been fighting for medical treatment for many years

To take care of the elderly adoptive mother and mother-in-law

She gave up her great career in the national team

Let Zhong Nanshan be free from worries

Coach of Guangdong Womens basketball team

Continue to shine for the sports cause of the motherland

Womens basketball five. Picture source: military strategy

Up to now

Li Shaofen still holds the post of vice chairman of China Basketball Association

Shes 84 years old this year

Has been quietly working for the favorite sports cause

Now when we pay attention to academician Zhong Nanshan

And dont forget the wife standing behind him

She is also a heroine worthy of our respect

On the right is Miss Li Shaofen. Picture source: military strategy

For decades

Li Shaofens life is very low key

She has a son and a daughter with Zhong Lao

The children have inherited their good genes

They also inherit their outstanding quality of indifference to fame and wealth and dedication

Zhong Weide, son, inherits his fathers career and helps the world with a pot

Now he is a urologist in China

Professor and chief physician of Guangzhou first peoples Hospital

One million national talents

Sports has never fallen

Mainstay of hospital basketball team

Daughter Zhong Weiyue used to be the best swimmer in China

Won the world short Pool Swimming Championships

100m Butterfly champion

In 1994, it broke the world record for short pool Butterfly

Zhong Weiyue and the swimmers of the small swimming team. Picture source: military strategy

Daughter inherits mothers sports talent

Son inherits fathers medical career

Such marriage and family

I can only think of DV

A perfect match

On Zhong Nanshan and Li Shaofen

On their children

Its a collection of their famous families

DV hope

You can feel the spirit of such a family

Draw the strength that will defeat the epidemic!

Please also believe that after the night turns

It will be a new day

Behind the belt of Zhong Nanshans son Dai Hermes: free clinic for more than 20 years, research and development of cheap medicine

Red boat magazine learned that Zhong Weide is still an expert who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He went to the countryside for free clinics for many years and developed cheap drugs to reduce the burden of patients.