Qingliuge, a scholar in fangcang hospital, left the cabin and will be quarantined for 14 days

 Qingliuge, a scholar in fangcang hospital, left the cabin and will be quarantined for 14 days

Brother Qingliu recovers and leaves the cabin

On February 6, this newspaper had an exclusive conversation with this brother Qingliu. His surname is Fu. He is 39 years old. His hometown is in Hanchuan, Xiaogan City. He lives in Wuhan with his parents. After graduating from Wuhan University, he went to the United States for further study and studied as a postdoctoral student. At present, he teaches at Florida State University, and his research direction is high-resolution cryoelectron microscopy.

For everyones attention, brother Qingliu has been very low-key, unwilling to pay too much attention to the outside world. I usually like reading books. This book is purely because of my hobbies. I didnt expect to be popular on the Internet at all. Mr. Fu said.

He may not have thought that one of his photos also set off a nationwide reading boom. The origin of political order: from the pre human era to the French Revolution, which he read at that time, also became a bestseller on the Internet. Later, Francis Fukuyama, the author of this book and one of the most important political thinkers of our time, learned about this through the Internet, and forwarded this news on twitter. The story of brother Qingliu spread across the sea.

Many netizens are concerned about how the pneumonia of brother Qingliu is controlled?

Tonight, experts from the medical team of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital in charge of Jianghan square cabin said that after more than 20 days of treatment, qingliuge recovered well. It had left the cabin on February 28, and was arranged by the community docking to the isolation point, and continued to observe for 14 days.

It is understood that brother Qingliu went back to Wuhan from the United States to visit his parents this time. Father have a fever in thirty novel coronavirus pneumonia. At that time, he also had some cough symptoms and fever. After CT and nucleic acid tests, he went to Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital for examination. On February 1, he was diagnosed with new pneumonia and kept isolated. He was informed that he was transferred to Jianghan fangcang hospital as the first group of patients on the evening of February 5.

Qingliuge tube bed doctor introduced that during the shelter period, qingliuge is mainly a cough, which belongs to mild disease, medical staff symptomatic treatment, and daily observation of body temperature and other vital signs. During every day will take traditional Chinese medicine decoction, antiviral drugs and so on. On February 15 and 17, both nucleic acid tests were negative, and blood routine tests were normal.

From the CT results, the typical unilateral viral lung symptoms gradually improved, and the exudative lesions were obviously absorbed in the reexamination on February 16. It was known that the reexamination on February 24 had not been done. Combined with the clinical diagnosis, the expert group thinks that it has reached the standard of leaving the cabin.

Promise to take care of the sick at the isolation point

What moved the medical staff was that when brother Qingliu left the cabin, he also made a promise to the sick friends to help take care of their 15-year-old little sick friends.

Originally, novel coronavirus pneumonia was infected by 4 of Lis 43 year old family, but her mother could not survive it. After that, Li Tian, her son and father were admitted to Jianghan fangcang hospital.

In order to get out of the great pain of her mothers death, Li Tian kept herself busy and became a Jianghan housekeeper - a volunteer of fangcang hospital to help nurses distribute food, take care of patients daily life as much as possible, convey patients voices to doctors and nurses, hold online meetings, etc.

During this period, the family also met brother Qingliu. On February 6, they entered the same ward in the cabin together. Get along for 20 days and make a deep friendship.

Recently, the 15-year-old son is getting better and will be discharged soon. But Li Tian is worried. She is a single mother. She and her 71 year old father cant leave the hospital. Who will take care of my son when he goes out?

Unexpectedly, brother Qingliu said, I will leave the hospital with your son. You can rest assured that I will take care of him after leaving the hospital. On the afternoon of February 26, brother Qingliu was afraid of Li Tians uneasiness, and comforted: after leaving hospital, I will control your sons mobile phone reading time every day, and I will let him pay more attention to his study. Li Tians family was very moved.