Can self-help become the mainstream under the situation of the explosion of sales of semi-finished vegetables?

 Can self-help become the mainstream under the situation of the explosion of sales of semi-finished vegetables?

In February, online sales of jindingxuans semi-finished vegetables increased by nearly 300% month on month, nearly 30 times higher than the same period last year. Qiu Bing believes that it is a great trend to expand the categories of its own products, continue to develop e-commerce and even omni-channel retail business. After the epidemic, the categories of jindingxuans semi-finished vegetables have increased by 50% compared with the original.

Sales of semi-finished vegetables increased by nearly 300% month on month

Qiu Bing told the Beijing news that at present, only four of jindingxuans more than 30 stores in Beijing have not closed down shop food, and the turnover of shop food is 90% lower than before the outbreak. With the resumption of work, although the sales volume of takeout and corporate group meal has increased, the volume of takeout orders has dropped nearly 70% compared with the previous one. For a catering company of this size, takeout is a drop in the bucket.

To Qiu Bings surprise, jindingxuans semi-finished vegetable sales soared under the epidemic, with online sales growing nearly 300% month on month in February, nearly 30 times higher than the previous year. For example, plum blossom meat, braised pork with bamboo shoots, beef brisket and other dishes, I dont think they need to be replenished in the morning, but I suddenly sold out in the afternoon. It used to deliver goods to Jingdong twice or three times a month, and it has been at least three times in a week recently.

Jindingxuan small food and semi-finished food.

According to reports, jindingxuan began to test semi-finished vegetables in 2017, but the thinking at that time was relatively conservative. In order to make the semi-finished dishes have a better taste, we are very particular about the material selection, which undoubtedly increases the cost, but consumers always feel that the price is high, so at that time we only had a semi-finished dish with egg yolk and quicksand bag. In 2018, jindingxuan began to make a richer attempt to retail catering business, build its own production chain, and e-commerce platform provided full chain support for its development of semi-finished fast food business. Qiu Bing said that jindingxuan has successively increased dishes such as lotus root balls, and also added zongzi, rice cakes and other categories. By 2019, there will be 19 kinds of semi-finished dishes, with the same quality as the food in the restaurant.

Add nearly 30 kinds of semi-finished vegetables in two months

Online semi-finished vegetables help jindingxuan to make up for some losses when the online and offline food business is blocked, which is equivalent to walking with one more leg, and also allows jindingxuan to plan the future on the two driving points of takeout and semi-finished vegetables from now on.

Qiu Bing revealed that its convenient to take out. Jindingxuan used to be whats in the hall and whats in the take out. Now it has started to develop special take out dishes. Its not only necessary to select brand dishes and place meals, but also to carry out nutrition matching, and increase varieties of Runfei soup and pear soup. The R & D Department of jindingxuan has increased the category of semi-finished dishes to nearly 30 kinds within two months, including the meat dragon, sugar triangle, bread with noodles, pumpkin cake, pork with vegetables and rice flour.

Jindingxuan take out.

From the perspective of everyones interest in cooking, the popularity of cooking and drying dishes on various social platforms during the epidemic, we found that many people like cooking, but they think its a bit troublesome to deal with the ingredients. Jindingxuan also plans to build its own kitchen canteen in the future, relying on the store, so that customers can learn cooking skills from the chef, then make high-quality food with jindingxuans semi-finished dishes, and also plan to let jindingxuans semi-finished dishes into the supermarket.

Qiu Bing admitted that after the outbreak, the sales volume of semi-finished vegetables will surely grow steadily from the current boom. Whats important is that many consumers have liked to cook their own meals.

Its hard for semi-finished dishes to become mainstream

For the current hot sale of semi-finished vegetables, some people in the catering industry have no secret: the sale of semi-finished vegetables is only a special product under special circumstances. The sales base of semi-finished vegetables is very low, and its easy for the epidemic to grow.

Zhu danpeng, an analyst of Chinas food industry, believes that semi-finished vegetables are another way for catering enterprises to save themselves from taking out at present, and are just needed by both catering enterprises and consumers. Under the epidemic situation, the sales volume of semi-finished vegetables will certainly increase, but this will not become the mainstream and outlet, and it can become a supplementary category for catering enterprises.

Su Jun, director of the e-commerce Committee of China Service Trade Association and Secretary General of China e-commerce industry alliance, said in an interview with the Beijing news that online shopping force is a very sensitive group to price. Consumers often compare the prices of semi-finished dishes and conventional food materials in restaurants. The supply chain capacity of general catering enterprises is very difficult to surpass the traditional ones and produce fresh electricity Compared with commercial enterprises, the lack of price advantage will be a huge obstacle to the sale of semi-finished vegetables. This requires catering enterprises to make semi-finished dishes with the cooking attributes of the restaurant, which requires not only good seasoning, professional knife workers, but also exclusive cooking method guidance, forming a clear differentiation, so as to avoid price competition.