Apple CEO Cook: China is controlling the epidemic supply chain has resumed work

 Apple CEO Cook: China is controlling the epidemic supply chain has resumed work

Tim Cook, CEO of apple

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xinhua news agency, San Francisco, February 28, Apple Corp chief executive Tim Cook said recently that he was optimistic about Chinas control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

I feel that China is controlling the epidemic, and the data of China (confirmed cases, etc.) is declining day by day, cook told Fox Business News television, local media reported Tuesday. So Im very optimistic.

Cook said that Apples supply chain in China is very important, and he is glad to see that Chinas supply chain has resumed work. Apples stores in China are gradually reopening, and Apples mobile phone factory is returning to work. At present, its in the climbing stage, and it will take some time..

He said novel coronavirus pneumonia challenges could be met by Apple Corps current supply chain. Asked if Apple is considering moving its supply chain from China, cook responded that his current view is that if there is a change, it is also a small adjustment, not a fundamental change.

Cook pointed out that Apple chose to produce in China not only because of cost, but also because of product quality, time to market and manufacturing capacity. To build factories in other countries or regions needs to meet the above requirements.

Apple recently lowered its revenue forecast for the first quarter of this year, and its share price fell sharply from its previous high. Cook said the impact was temporary, not long-term.. He said he was not particularly concerned about the short-term volatility of the market. Its February. Theres reason to be optimistic. Lets wait and see.