Related to China? Why do Japanese rush to buy toilet paper instead of rice, grain and oil

 Related to China? Why do Japanese rush to buy toilet paper instead of rice, grain and oil

Japans bulk also once became the focus of netizens discussion.

In the face of the virus, they were calm at first, but... These days the epidemic began to change.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan has 945 people and 11 deaths. Up to 29 pm local time, 945 new Japanese crown pneumonia cases were reported in Japan, including 226 people in China and 226 Chinese tourists. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan has 5 deaths, 6 people died of new crown pneumonia on the diamond princess cruise ship, and the total number of deaths was 11.

Just now, Abe told Japanese people that the key in the next two weeks is the government alone! Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at a press conference on the evening of the 29th, explained to Japanese citizens the measures taken by the Japanese government in the field of epidemic prevention, according to the Japanese news agency.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the next two weeks are the key period to control the spread of the new coronavirus. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, sports and entertainment activities in Japan should be stopped or postponed. Primary and secondary schools across the country will be temporarily suspended from next week, and the graduation ceremony will be decided according to the situation. Abe also asked the public at a press conference to understand the request for temporary school suspension. To be honest, the government alone cannot win this battle, Andouble said, calling for the support of every citizen.

As can be seen from a recent news, the Japanese are really in a hurry! u2193 Japanese rush to buy toilet paper#

In an epidemic, its understandable to rob masks and food, but toilet paper? Is it a little confusing?

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Japanese masks were badly damaged. Unexpectedly, overnight, Japanese people joined the army of toilet paper, and the toilet paper shelves of supermarkets, drugstores, etc. were all washed away.

Cashiers are usually flooded with toilet paper. People who leave the store carry full bags, and some shopping baskets cant fit.

Some netizens passed a drugstore. As soon as they bought toilet paper, the Japanese began to wait in line to buy

In addition to toilet paper, general paper towels, sanitary napkins, and even preservative films are all sold out.

Sen Shan, the manager of xinshengtang drugstore, told the media that in general, shops can no longer buy toilet paper after noon, but they also use the shortage to resell it at a high price in the second-hand market. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was asked why customers wanted to panic buying toilet paper. He was told that he had seen rumors of new crown pneumonia on the Internet and rushed to buy it.

When peoples daily greetings change from did you buy a mask today to did you get toilet paper today, it makes people wonder why they bought toilet paper? It turns out that this crazy move originated from a rumor

Its said on social media in Japan that toilet paper and masks use the same materials and toilet paper is produced in China, so there will be a shortage of toilet paper and paper products, so its better to buy them in advance.

In fact, masks have been out of stock for some time. And according to Japanese media reports, the reason why Japans mask supply is insufficient is that Japan needs to import raw materials from China to produce masks. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in China, the raw materials needed for making masks could not be completely supplied for a while, so that the manufacturers of masks in Japan could not produce masks.

So with the rumor, the Japanese are all scrambling for toilet paper towels

Rumor! Statement issued by Japan Household Paper Industry Association

To this end, Japans household paper industry will issue a statement that toilet paper and masks in Japan are not made of the same raw materials and do not rely on imports from China. At present, 98% of toilet paper in Japan is made in Japan and will not be sold out as long as it is not snapped up.

About 70% of the materials used to produce toilet paper in Japan come from recycled paper, recycled office waste printing paper, newspapers and other materials, and dissolved them, the industry association said. The remaining 30% of the raw materials are imported from overseas, mainly from Canada, Indonesia and other wood rich countries. The amount of raw materials imported from China is only about 2%.

In addition, some paper makers in Japan said that toilet paper and paper towels are still produced as usual, with no problem in production capacity and sufficient inventory. Even if the store is temporarily robbed, it will be supplemented soon.

Japans Ministry of economy and industry also refuted rumors

I hope you calm down and dont believe in rumors. You can just purchase living materials and make toilet paper return to the normal production and sales track.

In other words, the supply of toilet paper will not be reduced and there is no need to rob. And many businesses also began to post notices to persuade people to buy rationally.

In such a special period, a lot of people will become sensitive because of the inner panic, which can be understood. But remember not to be deceived by the false information circulated on the Internet. A while ago, the Chinese people snapped up vegetables, and finally turned them into wet garbage. They still remember how to fight the epidemic rationally, and dont follow the trend blindly!