Keep watch and help each other, persevere -- salute thousands of ordinary heroes in the epidemic of Wuhan war

 Keep watch and help each other, persevere -- salute thousands of ordinary heroes in the epidemic of Wuhan war

On weekdays, they are your friends, neighbors and classmates;

They are grid workers, couriers, sanitation workers, volunteers They are ordinary people who pass by in the street every day.

They are rebels, adherents and devotees.

The people of Wuhan and Hubei, in particular, have taken the overall situation into consideration and consciously cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control work, showing their indomitable fighting spirit.

A heroic city, a heroic people.

Hold fast, they show a responsibility

On the 24th, Feng Feng, who was standing on the street of Wuhan and was covered with medicine bags, moved countless people.

He is a grid member of huiminyuan community, Houhu street, Jiangan District, Wuhan. In order to buy the medicine needed by the residents, he and his colleagues stayed at the door of the pharmacy from 5:00 a.m. and finally took nearly 100 medicines 12 hours later.

Fengfengs medicine bag is the hope of patients and the responsibility of an ordinary grid member.

At this moment, 170000 grid workers in Hubei are buying vegetables and delivering medicine for the isolated residents. They are busy before and after running.

There are fewer pedestrians and vehicles in the street, but a group of people are always there.

As long as we are running, Wuhan will not stop. Every day in the streets of the express little friends, became the citys operation of the ferryman..

Wu Hui decided to continue to take out during the Spring Festival. On the first day of the new year, he was sent to the respiratory department of Central South Hospital. Since that day, I have received all kinds of orders, met all kinds of people, and was moved by all kinds of warmth. When Wu Hui posted what he saw and heard on Weibo, netizens and fans praised him.

In the slightly open streets of Wuhan, there are also a group of people wearing bright yellow vest on duty.

In the early morning of January 23 this year, we received the task of rushing to Wuhan Tianhe Airport to carry out traffic control. At that time, we knew that the Wuhan defense war had begun. Zhang Xiaohong, director of Qiaokou District branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, said.

In the past month, more than 20000 police officers in Wuhan have undertaken the tasks of community sealing, public security patrol and hospital guarding. In this battle without smoke of gunpowder, no one cried out to be tired, saying fight against the epidemic, I will win with my help! The slogan shows their determination and responsibility.

In the main battlefield hospital, in addition to tens of thousands of medical staff, there are also a group of people doing dirty, tired and dangerous work.

At present, more than 2200 sanitation workers are cleaning, disinfecting and transferring garbage in designated hospitals, fangcang hospitals and many centralized isolation points in Wuhan.

Wuhan national Bo shelter hospital, Chen Wan and wearing protective equipment, carrying 25 kilograms of medicine sprays on the back, killing 49 boxes of fruit boxes in the other cabin hospital, wife Di Hui Lan also armed, wipe the walkway table tops, microwave ovens and water dispensers with the dishcloth dipped in disinfectant.

Six hours later, sweat soaked the back of the clothes, Chen Wanhe and di Huilan took off the war clothes and walked out of the shelter. The room temperature of the shelter is 23 u2103. We wear protective clothing and isolation clothing, which are airtight. Everyone is sweating! Said Di Huilan, 47.

Chen Wanhe and di Huilan used to be sanitation workers of Hanyang Sanitation Group No. 1 company, cleaning the main road at ordinary times. On the evening of February 9, it was learned that the unit had set up an environmental sanitation commando to enter the shelter hospital, and the couple asked for battle.

The perseverance and responsibility of countless individuals have laid a solid foundation for winning the Wuhan defense war.

My name is Hua Yuchen. Im a music teacher of steel flower primary school in Qingshan District, Wuhan city. I am also a native of Wuhan after 90. Hua Yuchen introduced himself like this.

However, at present, Hua Yuchen is not only an ordinary primary school teacher, but also a driver, a temperature measurer, a porter, and a podcast - she is a volunteer.

Im not a doctor. I cant go to the front to help patients. I want to stand up and do my best, so I sign up to be a volunteer. Hua Yuchen now works eight hours a day.

The first day I broadcast in the fangcang hospital, there was a 51 year old aunt on her birthday. We played a birthday song. Although we couldnt see her expression, I thought she was very surprised from her body movements. Hua Yuchen said.

Another girl, a 24-year-old Sichuan sister, was called raincoat sister by doctors and nurses.

Raincoat sister engaged in the catering industry, saw that many medical staff could not eat hot meals. On February 3, she took the chef and food materials, retrograde for more than ten hours to drive from Chengdu to Wuhan. The next day, we will start cooking and provide free meals for the medical staff in Wuhan.

Sister raincoat delivers 400 to 600 boxed meals a day. At the beginning of the meal delivery, without protective clothing, she wore a raincoat and drove her car to the hospitals.

Keep it up until its over, until its not needed. Sister raincoat said, when the epidemic is over, we should take a good walk to the East Lake to see the spring flowers in Wuhan.

At this moment, where the city is in urgent need and in the details, one after another Hua Yuchen and sister raincoat have changed their daily identity, put on masks and come forward. Although she doesnt have three heads and six arms, she (he) does her best.

Although we dont have money, we can provide a share of labor.

Taking some dry food, rolling a quilt, wearing a mask and crossing Qinling Mountains, Wang Donglin, a farmer from Gansu Province, drove thousands of kilometers to Wuhan. At the beginning, he wanted to participate in the construction of leishenshan hospital, but all of them were professional construction teams, who could not squeeze in. He turned to the first peoples Hospital of Jiangxia District and became a stevedore.

At present, the epidemic situation is ordinary like you and me. What can we do? This question, when volunteers come out, has the answer.

Meng Chengbo, the chief of the security section of middle school, actively asked to be on duty at the checkpoint; Qin Dongsheng, the doctor of the individual clinic, undertook the work of temperature monitoring for the isolation personnel at home; Qin Keyuan, a young man waiting for work, was responsible for answering the phone, making records and making account in the community office Every day, I keep calling, saying that I want to be a volunteer. Hubei Songzi City new Jiangkou street xiejintai community police maojiabao turned the record on the book.

From the first six people to the present 600 people, although they dont know each other, they have a common name of virtue volunteer Tang hongqiu, the founder of virtue volunteer alliance, was originally a translator. Since the closure of Wuhan, she has been planning how to serve the medical staff and patients in the epidemic.

In Tang hongqius circle of friends, we can see their achievements every night: down jackets, masks, disinfectant water, sanitary napkins, vegetables, boxed rice, etc. all kinds of donation materials are in order from receiving to transportation and distribution. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to solve some minor problems, from sending information to solving them.

Since the outbreak, there have been 50000 volunteers serving in the community in Wuhan. One ordinary persons retrograde, one ordinary persons hand in hand, set up a line of defense to block the epidemic.

The contributions and contributions of countless individuals have gathered the surging strength to win the Wuhan defense war.

Perseverance, they deliver a hope

The epidemic situation is still grim, but ordinary heroes are indomitable, delivering us the confidence to win.

It was learned that one of the staff in Hongluo community was diagnosed, three were feverish, and three needed to be isolated. Huang Heng, a cadre of the party political office in Luonan street, Wuhan, volunteered to come to the community. More than 9000 people in the community, work a lot, Huang Heng tired of lumbar disc herniation relapse.

But he chose to stick to it - lying on the hard floor of the party and mass service center, taking turns to answer and make phone calls with both hands, and continued to help residents contact vehicles and rescue difficulties. If the masses need it, we will rise to the top.

The outbreak is severe, but nearly ten million Wuhan citizens have shown great patience and restraint. Jing Yumei, director of the mental health education and consultation center of Hubei Normal University, said: the people who call are sad and sad, but they also have expectations. They guard Wuhan with cooperation and persistence.

The disease is terrible, isolate the virus, but love is still passing.

After receiving 7200 yuan of wages and 300 yuan of transportation subsidies, Luo Mingliang, a construction worker, chose to buy 145 cases of milk and donated them to the medical staff and on duty personnel in Zhongfa Xincheng District of Wuhan Tongji Hospital.

Im a craftsman. Its nothing compared to the angel in white who is fighting in the front line. Luo Mingliang is a worker of CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd. who is engaged in the interior decoration project in huoshenshan hospital. His words are simple, but they touch peoples hearts. The front-line medical staff are so hard, they just want to do their part.

Because of love, someone sent out a cup of warm coffee.

Wuhan wakanda light coffee shop rushes out about 500 cups of coffee every day, with handwritten blessing, which is sent to the front-line medical staff free of charge. A group of young entrepreneurs have decided to go to the end of the epidemic regardless of cost.

Because of love, someone stretched out his arm to donate blood plasma.

Her husband is still on the front line to treat patients. She came to the hospital and became a caring volunteer donating blood plasma. On February 18, Wuhan Jinyintan hospital welcomed a special blood plasma donor, Cheng Lin, wife of Zhang Dingyu, President of Jinyintan hospital.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Lin Cheng was not only involved in the study, but also with the classmates who were recovering from the new crown pneumonia. After a series of inquiry, examination and evaluation, the plasma was donated successfully.

With this momentum, a lot of things can be solved. When it comes to the people in Wuhan during the epidemic, academician Zhong Nanshan once sobbed, Wuhan is a very heroic city.

Bruce elwald, foreign leader of the joint expert team and senior advisor to the director general of the World Health Organization, commented on the epidemic of the Chinese War: we should recognize the contribution made by the people of Wuhan, which the world owes to you.

The perseverance of countless individuals and the transmission of countless individuals have played a magnificent song of winning the Wuhan defense war.

Wuhan became the epicenter of the storm, and Wenrui, 27, decided to stay. He is a site safety officer of China Railway Construction 15th Bureau, responsible for the lighting maintenance of Wuhan Yangtze River second bridge. One of his duties is to keep these lights shining continuously on the Yangtze River.

Every night, come to Wuhan, come to China, pay homage to the anti epidemic hero The words of such lights are all lit up under Wenruis gaze.

Wuhan, the city of the river, lights shine. On the large screen near the river, the subtitles are still rolling. The words Wuhan refuels and China refuels have been quietly replaced with Wuhan will win and China will win!

Hand in hand, we will win! (reporter Li Pengxiang, Qin Jiaofeng, Liang Jianqiang, Li Wei, Hou wenkun, Wu Xiaoyang) (end)