The night of the unveiling! Sun yangbeiti makes a scene of unrest overnight, sponsors delete relevant microblogs with him

 The night of the unveiling! Sun yangbeiti makes a scene of unrest overnight, sponsors delete relevant microblogs with him

However, it all came to an abrupt end on February 28. Clock slowly moved to the position of five, and Sun Yang, who was still training at Beijing University of physical education, got up the water in advance from the pool, and finally the moment of destiny came.

After getting the news, Sun Yang left the training hall in a hurry. No one knew where he had gone.

At 6:42, Sun Yang finally tweeted: I am shocked, angry and unable to understand the result of the international sports arbitration courts ruling! At the same time, Sun said he had appealed to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federal Court: let more people know the truth. I believe in my innocence! Believe in the truth and defeat the lie!

However, according to the analysis of lawyers, the probability of successful appeal is only 7%.

In the evening, the sun and Yang family insisted on returning to Hangzhou. However, under the epidemic situation, the closed North University of physical education was not allowed to enter and leave at will. There were fierce disputes between the two sides, even alerting the leaders of the security office and the school on duty.

An obvious fact lies ahead:

For Sun Yang, 29, an eight-year ban means the end of his career.

* * * * *

In 2007, 16-year-old Sun Yang entered the national team for the first time. A year later, he swam to the final in the mens 1500 meter event of the Beijing Olympic Games. In 2009, he won the bronze medal in the world championships. For the Chinese swimming, which was not popular at that time, the young man who dared to beat Park Tae Hwan (actually his idol) was the bright one in the beginning of chaos Point, he represents hope and the infinite possibility of Chinas swimming future.

At that time, Sun Yang was diligent and hardworking, with a daily training volume of 14-20 kilometers. But what makes people feel more different is his personality. Some reporters recalled that Sun Yang, who was not famous, was different from other shy athletes. He was very talkative. He kept talking every time, and he had a clear idea. He also knew the news points that the media wanted to get. He was a very good interviewee.

In the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Sun Yang and his teammates won the relay gold medal in cooperation, breaking the Japanese swimming monopoly for 56 years in the Asian mens swimming arena, which was Sun Yangs first gold medal. Then in his main event of 1500 meters, Sun Yang broke the Asian record to win the gold medal.

In 2011, Sun Yang won his first world championship.

One year later, at the London Olympic Games, Sun Yang soared to the sky and won two gold medals of 400m and 1500m. He became the first man swimming Olympic champion in China and firmly established his leading position in swimming in China.

At that time, Sun Yang, who was only 21 years old, was smart, enthusiastic and talented. It should have become the symbol of Chinese swimming and the captain of Chinese swimming team.

However, the swimming pool is not an unimpeded pass in daily life.

At the beginning of 2013, Sun Yang and his mentor Zhu Zhigen had a conflict, which turned into a physical conflict. Sun Yang proposed to change the coach three times later, and finally they parted ways.

At the end of 2013, Sun Yang was fined 2000 yuan and detained for 7 days for driving without a license.

In 2014, Sun Yang was found to have used the prohibited substance trimetazidine in urinalysis.

In the interview after the 2014 Asian Games in Inchon, Sun Yang make complaints about the Japanese national anthem.

In the eyes of people who are familiar with Sun Yang, Sun Yang is bold and sensitive, has a strong competitive mind and has his own style. For an athlete, such a character will certainly help him to break through himself in the competition, but for a young man, it often means that he is reckless and reckless.

With the growth of time and the accumulation of honor, the negative impact of this reckless (or even bullying) character began to be magnified. Many swimming journalists have experienced the process of intimacy with Sun Yangs family, and then blackmail each other.

Its not that no one has reminded him. After the apprentice incident, a meritorious coach of Zhejiang team appealed to other coaches in the team not to take over Sun Yang and let him reflect on himself first. After the unlicensed driving incident, it was rumored that a swimming reporter had sent him three silk stockings, implying think twice before you go.

But these admonitions are too small for gold medal tolerance.

After quarreling with Zhu Zhigen, the team finally agreed with Sun Yangs request. The coach in charge changed from Zhu Zhigen to Zhang Yadong.

After being dismissed as a symbol, unlicensed driver did not affect his qualification for the next international competition, so he turned around and went to the Incheon Asian Games.

The official explanation for the drug ban was that the drug was taken by mistake and a three-month ban was imposed. By the time the news was announced, the ban had ended.


Those who are preferred are always confident. In a time of compromise, Sun Yangs actions are more and more exaggerated. At the world championships, he had a physical conflict with Brazilian female athletes; after the National Games, he left the team to travel to Thailand without permission and missed the flight drug test; at the Asian Games in Jakarta, regardless of the interests of the national sponsors, he wore a personal sponsorship brand to the podium

It wont affect me. Its no wonder. At the Asian Games, when a reporter asked whether the off-site factors would affect him, Sun Yang, who had seen the big waves, smiled.

Time after time of risk, time after time of trouble, are Sun Yang using results and strength to resolve, not satisfied? As for the consequences What are the consequences?

Sun Yangs mothers education to him is: you have achievements, you have everything, no achievements, nothing.

The strong eat all, dont ask right or wrong.

But in fact, it seems to be.

Not only did he have everything, but his family also had everything. Baidu Encyclopedia even has a separate note for both parents.

Compared with his father sun Quanhong, Sun Yangs mother Sun Ming is obviously better known. Sun Yangs mother has always been with her son in training or competition. She seems to be a member of the Chinese swimming team. She even gives directions to the leaders and coaches of the team. Sun Yang also made no secret that she once had a bad temper with the sports team. If her mother didnt follow her own training and competition, she would not swim.

His father, sun Quanhong, looked much more refined, but he was also furious when he was stopped by the security guard to check his ID: Im Sun Yangs father, dont you know me?

Therefore, when the anti inspection incident broke out, people in the circle were not even bothered to doubt the truth of the incident, because this practice is too typical, too sunyang, it is impossible for others to do it at all.

Only this time, the price he has to pay can no longer be guaranteed by national honor and achievements.

The eight-year ban is unacceptable for an ordinary athlete, let alone Sun Yang.

At this moment, no matter who loves or hates Sun Yang, there are some regrets in their hearts. How can a born genius step by step to the present situation.

If someone can drag him for eight years and he can be punished even once, it will not be such a result.

No snowflake under the avalanche is innocent.

In the face of the biggest crisis in his life, Sun Yang was obviously angry. After the official response, he sent three microblogs in a row, questioning the violent anti inspection theory and exposing the ID number of the inspectors. His mother, Yang Ming, was not to be outdone, publicly shelling lawyers and team leaders in the circle of friends.

However, all of these are useless, not only can not change the result of the ruling, but also the reality is that there is no protection of achievements in the future, maybe Sun Yangs difficulty is just beginning. On the night of February 28, some sponsors had deleted all the microblogs related to Sun Yang in recent years overnight.

Sun Yang should think about his future now.

* * * * *

Swimming is a relatively early aging event, 8 years, for many athletes means the whole career.

In the past eight years, Sun Yang has gradually reached the peak from a blockbuster.

In the next eight years, Sun Yang will fall from his peak, and where will he go?

Time is cold and cruel. Eight years is too long. After all, there are so many heroes in Chinas sports credit book that people cant remember who is special. Before Sun Yang, the leader of Chinese mens swimming was Zhang Lin, who won the first gold medal of Chinese mens swimming at the world championships in Rome and stood on the podium for the first time on behalf of Chinese men at the Beijing Olympic Games, still keeping the world record of 800 meters for men.

After Rome won the championship, Zhang Lins news was broadcast in the second article of news broadcast. A large number of fans were chasing after her at the airport. The leaders of the General Administration met her in person, and there were countless interviews and invitations every day. However, only 4.6 million followers on Weibo proved the uproar after the song ended.

After retiring, the former big brother began his ordinary student career, and founded Zhang Lin swimming school, seriously running his own safe and stable childhood.

This may be the fixed track of Sun Yangs future life. After all, for a superstar who is almost doomed to get angry soon, hiding in the city is not really a bad ending, especially when he exits in this way.

But will Sun Yang be willing to leave in this way?

Fortunately, Sun Yangs past achievements are still valid even if his life is suspended. CAS clearly stated in the ruling that there is no evidence that Sun Yang took stimulants after September 4, 2018 (including during the world championships in Guangzhou, South Korea in July 2019), and the athletes achievements before CAS will not be deprived.

Suspension and greatness are not contradictory. Sun Yang is still the flag of Chinese swimming, even if the word once should be added to the description.

But this is the basis of Sun Yangs popularity. On micro-blog and other platforms, a large number of netizens and fans believe that Sun Yangs 8 year ban is a conspiracy and a black curtain. The feeling of variety he showed at Tucaos assembly a few months ago may prove that he can still make complaints about other ways to maintain a stars dignity.

However, the problem is that athletes without achievements can not live in peoples hearts by their past memories. Romantic legends are always blown away by the rain. Sun Yang may be able to delay his exit time, but cant change the outcome.

Unless hes ready to play again.

Not to mention the fantasy, swimming may be a sport prone to premature aging, but it has never said no to those with dreams. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 41 year old American Irwin won the womens 50m freestyle title. Eight years later, in Rio, 35 year old American Irwin won the gold medal in the mens 50m freestyle. This year, 35 year old Rochette is even preparing for the fifth Olympic Games.

Now we cant imagine a Sun Yang who left swimming, maybe not in the future. Swimming is all of him. In swimming, Sun Yang has never been vague. Zhu Ying, his enlightenment coach, said, Sun Yang cant excite him. His training volume is always bigger than other peoples, others are over, and he can swim again. When he was a child, he went swimming with children older than him. Its OK to add, but its not soft.

In 2015, Sun Yang calculated all the distances he swam between the ages of 7 and 24. The final result is 47550km.

But the question is, if one day, eight years later, Sun Yang really can stand in front of the public as a swimmer again, do we really remember him?

And 8 years later, will Sun Yang be as reckless and enthusiastic as he was? When he recalled February 28, eight years ago, what would he remember?