Huanggang City Fangzhi pouring cold water: new diagnosis of 0 does not mean later 0

 Huanggang City Fangzhi pouring cold water: new diagnosis of 0 does not mean later 0

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center, Huanggang, said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the majority of our friends have been closely cooperating with each other, and we have been working together to protect our common homeland with love, sincerity, perseverance and action. It is with our concerted efforts and group prevention and control that positive changes have taken place in the citys epidemic prevention and control work, showing a steady increase in the number of cured patients and a positive trend of zero new confirmed cases for several consecutive days.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control in our city is in the most arduous critical stage. At the same time, we are aware that the epidemic situation in the city is still severe and complex. A new confirmed case of zero does not mean that it must be zero in the future. At present, there are still a certain number of suspected cases in our city, and a large number of close contacts are undergoing isolation medical observation. Through detection and screening, we also found a number of asymptomatic infections, which are potential risks. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a stirring among the dry bones. Work not completed. If the infection is a single infection, the virus will be revived and come back again, and all efforts will be cast to waste.

We can win a decisive battle if we work together. From now on, the municipal headquarters decided to carry out the zero action of epidemic prevention and control in the whole city, implement five zero actions including closed management of the community, virus nucleic acid detection, epidemiological investigation, concentrated isolation of close contacts, rapid disposal of fever patients, take the most comprehensive, decisive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures, and strive to achieve daily confirmed cases The goal of zero growth of suspected cases is to launch a general attack. It is hoped that citizens and friends will actively participate in the clean up operation, closely support and cooperate, and build a tight defense line for group prevention and control.

Huanggang is a city novel coronavirus pneumonia reported in Hubei Province, which accounts for third of the total number of confirmed cases. As of 24:00 on February 28, a total of 2904 cases were reported in Huanggang City, second only to Wuhan (48557 cases) and Xiaogan (3518 cases). Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in February 22nd, according to the data provided by the Hubei Health Protection Committee. No new confirmed cases were found in Huanggang from 23 to 28 days in 5 days.

In addition, as of 24:00 on February 28, there were 2119 cases cured and 115 cases died.