Selling price of cabbages on multiple routes: the lowest price for Shenzhen to Chongqing is only 30 yuan

 Selling price of cabbages on multiple routes: the lowest price for Shenzhen to Chongqing is only 30 yuan

The price of air tickets is as low as 30 yuan

It is understood that after the Spring Festival in previous years, the price of air tickets will dive to about 3-4% off, but this year compared with the same period last year, the price of air tickets is even lower to 0.2% off.

On February 29, Zhongxin Jingwei client inquired where to travel, Ctrip Travel, Feizhu and other third-party ticketing software, and found that in March, the lowest price of tickets for multiple routes was less than 100 yuan. Especially for the flights to Chongqing, the price is as low as 30 yuan. For example, on the app of qunar travel, on March 1, Shanhang sc4346 flight from Shenzhen to Chongqing, the lowest price of economy class (excluding the surcharge of aircraft construction fuel) is only 30 yuan, and the discount is 0.2% of the whole ticket. The same day, the same route, Ctrip and flying pig show the lowest price of tickets is 50 yuan.

From left to right: where to travel, Ctrip Travel and price screenshots of flying pig app

In addition, in March, flights from Beijing, Shanghai and other cities also showed a discount of cabbage price. For example, according to the app of qunar travel, on March 10, Shanhang flight sc7093, which flies from Beijing to Kunming, has a minimum ticket price of 259 yuan and a discount of 1% of the full economy class ticket. On the same day, the lowest fares of Sichuan Airlines 3u8723, Kunming Airlines ky1403, Air China ca1403 and other flights were only about 10% of the full economy class tickets, with prices of 260 yuan, 275 yuan and 280 yuan respectively.

Screenshot source: where to travel app

Overseas flights resume one after another

At present, in addition to the sharp reduction of domestic ticket prices, overseas flights are also in the process of recovery. According to the data provided by Ctrips air tickets, train tickets and hotels search engine, many flights at home and abroad have been announced to resume one after another. For example, Air China has resumed routes from Chengdu to Frankfurt and Chengdu to Singapore; air Egypt has resumed flights from Cairo to Beijing and Cairo to Guangzhou since February 27; at the end of February, Sichuan Airlines will resume routes from Chengdu to Tokyo and Chengdu to Cairo.

According to the information released by CAAC, in the next week (March 2-8), 111 overseas destinations in 50 countries will maintain regular flights with those in China, and 2304 round-trip flights (1479 passenger flights and 825 full cargo flights) will be planned in that week.

Huang Qing, head of Ctrips global visa service center, expects more and more countries to gradually open restrictions in the future. At present, it is still an important time for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. When leaving the country, we must do a good job of protection, abide by the relevant national policies and cooperate with the exit and entry management, he said

Airlines operation data fell in January, and the government was in urgent need

According to the statistics of China New Zealand Jingwei clients, six airlines, including Spring Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Jixiang airlines, have released their operation data in January 2020. From the perspective of passenger turnover (based on passenger kilometers), compared with the same period last year, only Spring Airlines increased by 7.14% in January, while the other five decreased year on year.

Although there are currently not very good-looking operating data of airlines, Minsheng Securities believes that the operating data of airlines will pick up in consideration of factors such as transportation duration, one-way passengers, health level, etc.

Considering the current operating pressure faced by the aviation industry, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission issued an announcement as early as February 6, exempting airlines from paying the Civil Aviation Development Fund. It is understood that the Civil Aviation Development Fund will be shared by passengers and the aviation department and will be levied from April 1, 2012. Tianfeng Securities pointed out that, for the airline company, the civil aviation development fund paid by passengers for buying air tickets is not included as revenue, but handed over to the country, and the cost end should bear the cost of Civil Aviation Development Fund. This exemption may directly reduce the cost of airlines and increase profits.

Citi reported that if the temporary exemption lasts for half a year, it is expected to bring 570 million yuan, 585 million yuan and 750 million yuan respectively to Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines in the first half of this year. For the airlines affected by the epidemic and the traffic volume has declined significantly, this has a great role in easing.

Where do you want to go after the epidemic?

Since novel coronavirus pneumonia in Anhui, Mount Huangshan, Hangzhou, West Lake, Jinan Qianfo Hill, Shaoxing Lu Xuns hometown and Nanjing Dr. Sun Yat-sens Mausoleum have been opened since February, adding the recent price of diving tickets. Many people said that when the new crown pneumonia ended, they wanted to go out for tourism.

Wang Xiangyu, a Beipiao girl, wanted to plan a trip after the outbreak. She said that she mainly wanted to go home to see if the ticket would be as affordable as it is now after the outbreak. Xiong Qiang, a post-90s kid living in Chongqing, wants to visit Jiuzhaigou. He said, Ive been holding it at home for a long time. Now the air ticket is cheap. I must go out and have a look after the epidemic. According to Xiong Qiang, before returning to work, he had been closed in the countryside and could only live by hand every day.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia new infection cases have been declining in some areas, and the epidemic is expected to ease, Zhong Nanshan, head of the National Health Protection Committees senior expert group, said in an interview in February 11th. He expects the peak to be in late February and may end in April.

However, some experts suggest that the price of some air tickets is relatively low in the near future, mainly to ensure the normal return to work of enterprises, and people still try to reduce travel. If the epidemic can end in April, do you plan to travel? If so, where do you want to go?