Press conference on Abes latest epidemic situation: all measures will be taken to fight the epidemic in the next two weeks

 Press conference on Abes latest epidemic situation: all measures will be taken to fight the epidemic in the next two weeks

On issues related to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Abe said: we will promote all-around preparation to make it a safe and reassuring competition for athletes and spectators..

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Japan at 941 a.m. at 11 a.m. on 29, of which 222 were infected and 222 in Japan. 705 passengers and crew members were on the forenoon of the diamond princess, and 14 people were returned to Japan by the Japanese government charter aircraft, 11 of them were dead.

Responding to the suspension dispute

Such a large-scale school suspension is the first time in Japan since the end of World War II, involving nearly 35000 schools and about 12.8 million people. In view of the fact that Abes governments action has no omen, coupled with many problems arising from the suspension of classes, many Japanese people, especially teachers, businesses and parents of schoolchildren, have expressed that they are at a loss.

In response, Abe said at a press conference that the government will set up a special fund to help enterprises cope with the dilemma of double working families, that is, to provide relevant subsidies to employees of enterprises who need to take care of their children who are unable to work during the epidemic. The most important thing is to put childrens health and safety first and be prepared for the large-scale risk of infection caused by the long-term gathering of most children and teachers in daily life, he explained

In order to overcome this epidemic, it is very important to start one to two weeks now, said Yoshida Ishida, Minister of science and culture of the Ministry of culture. During this period, schools in all regions can take the best plan according to the actual situation regarding the time and situation of school suspension. The school can flexibly grasp the suspension time and other issues. He hoped that during the period of school suspension, the administrative organs, private enterprises, etc. would not only create a suitable office environment, but also take care of the parents as much as possible.

Many first time

Before Abes statement, in order to control the further development of the epidemic, Japanese governments at all levels have taken many first measures.

Of the 222 infected patients in Japan, Hokkaido (66) unexpectedly became the disaster area of the current Japanese epidemic, followed by Tokyo Metropolitan (36). On the 28th, Naoto Suzuki, Hokkaidos governor, said at the epidemic response meeting that the epidemic in Hokkaido was becoming serious. He issued a Declaration of emergency at the meeting, calling it a state of emergency from now until March 19. He hoped that the public would recognize the seriousness of the current situation and try to minimize going out. This means that Hokkaido has become the first place in Japan to enter a state of emergency due to the new crown epidemic, and also the first local public health event to declare a state of emergency. At the request of Hokkaido local government, Abe government will send a team of experts to the local government for support.

Japans Ministry of land and transportation announced on March 28 that public facilities projects directly under the central government of all countries in Japan would be shut down from now on until March 15. It is reported that. Among these projects are some of the facilities under construction for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Japans Federation of economic groups called on more than 1500 member enterprises to take corresponding measures to prevent the spread of epidemic, including canceling non urgent business trips and minimizing contact with customers.

Earlier, Abe called on organizers of major sports and cultural events to consider cancelling or postponing the event in the next two weeks.

Andouble said earlier that novel coronavirus pneumonia was not adequately needed by the Japanese government, which had sufficient reserves to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. We will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and take necessary measures to avoid the huge impact of the epidemic on Japans economy in case of any change. He said.