Long rent enterprises freeze the password of tenants in Hubei? Beijings official and free response

 Long rent enterprises freeze the password of tenants in Hubei? Beijings official and free response

Next, she said, front-line implementation needs to be corrected through more precise prevention and control. At present, Beijing is improving the big data platform of health Island, establishing a better information interconnection and sharing mechanism, and laying the foundation for accurate policy-making.

We have always been concerned about the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan, Hubei Province. There are more than 1000 people fighting in the medical front line in Beijing. I would like to say with Wuhan residents that we are working together. We have no discrimination against Wuhan and Hubei nationalities, but more care. Chen Bei said.

On the morning of the 29th, Ziyou, a long-term rental enterprise, also issued a thank you letter to Zike of Wuhan who has not returned to Hubei Province, which said: Zike of Hubei and Wuhan who has not yet returned will freely communicate with you and negotiate with you as the epidemic prevention work progresses, freeze the door lock before returning, and carry out targeted resettlement for you after returning.

Xiong Lin, CEO of Ziyou, said in an article on the morning of the 29th that he should thank Zike from Hubei and Wuhan for his commitment and contribution!

In addition to the precise measures for the prevention and control of residents living in the north of Beijing Lake, the impact of Huangs departure and return to Beijing on the prevention and control of Beijing epidemic is also spreading. Beijing issued a regulation on the 29th that no unit or person is allowed to go to Hubei to pick up people to Beijing without authorization.

Chen Bei said that the coordination mechanism for strict management of joint defense and joint control in the capital has adopted a series of practical and effective emergency prevention measures to minimize the risk of epidemic input.

According to reports, since the launch of the coordination mechanism, the number of high-risk personnel entering Beijing has decreased from nearly one thousand a day to dozens. However, according to the current situation, a small number of people still enter Beijing every day from Hubei and other areas with serious epidemic situation. In particular, recently, Huang Mou, a prisoner released from Wuhan womens prison, was diagnosed with a new type of coronary pneumonia after his relatives in Beijing went to Wuhan to receive him, which attracted widespread public attention.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia reported 26 days ago, a local prison in Wuhan released a yellow post, and began to stop fever on 18. In February 22nd, he was driven back to Beijing by his family and was diagnosed as a new crown pneumonia in Beijing on the 24 th.

At the time of Wuhans strict closure policy, why can the family drive the case back to Beijing? In addition, since the case is a person released after serving a sentence, is it eligible to leave Wuhan when the city is closed? These questions still need to be answered by relevant departments.

After being exposed by the media, the incident of Huangs leaving Han Dynasty and returning to Beijing has triggered the intervention of three investigation teams from the central ministry and Hubei and Beijing.

Relevant meetings in Beijing on the afternoon of the 26th stressed that it is necessary to play a role in strict management and coordination mechanism of Beijing entry, and the departments of civil aviation, railway, transportation, etc. should strictly manage the entry into Beijing, especially the inspection stations of roads to Beijing should be strictly guarded.

Chen Bei said at a press conference on the 29th that he would do his best to cut off the source of infection in order to further prevent and control the import of foreign defense. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control in the capital and the requirements of Quartet responsibilities, it is clear that no unit or person shall go to Hubei Province to receive people to Beijing without authorization, and shall not go to other places to receive people from Hubei Province to Beijing without authorization, nor shall four categories of personnel, including the national confirmed cases, suspected cases, patients with fever symptoms, close contacts, enter Beijing without authorization.

For those who do not comply with the relevant provisions of the epidemic situation and receive people into Beijing without permission, the discipline inspection and supervision department shall deal with them in accordance with the discipline and regulations and notify them. The judicial organ that constitutes the illegal crime shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

Chen Bei said that at present, in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the Sniper War has been fully spread on the land of Beijing and Hubei, and it is necessary to make the Sniper War more accurate. At present, Hubei personnel cannot return to Beijing for the time being. Only when everyone sticks to their home, can they form a solid defense line. To be strict at present is to end the epidemic earlier and get together earlier.

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