The successor of Bundesliga Neuer lay the egg shark conceded 8 goals in 0-3 two games

 The successor of Bundesliga Neuer lay the egg shark conceded 8 goals in 0-3 two games

The 9th minute, Kainz left side outside the penalty area free kick passes, bonouff front point flicks the head to attack the goal to drive the ball, 1-0. In the 39th minute, kovadowa inserted the straight plug into the forbidden area, the right side of the forbidden area shot hard to expand the score, 2-0. The 75th minute, Kainz forbidden area right cross, niebel squats down to want to hold the ball, but the devil did not hold it, the ball fell from between the legs rolled into the goal, 3-0.

Mainz 2-0 padbourne

The 29th minute, Martins left cross, kwayasen off the penalty area after the stop volley hit a curl into the net, 1? - 0. In the 37th minute, kwayasen took his teammates right cross in the middle of the front court and then sent out zhisai. Onesivo inserted the ball into the forbidden area. He got the ball behind him and shot the goalkeeper of the visiting team, 2-0.

2-3 Munchen Gladbach, Augsburg

In the 49th minute, Praias right cross stopped the ball in the middle of the penalty area, but then knocked on Ben sebini, who shot a close shot, 0-1. In the 53rd minute, Praia knocked on the right side of the penalty area, and steindall scored 0-2. In the 57th minute, Lewin took the ball to the right with the ball in the front court. Framberg took the ball and passed it back. Lewin dived over and smashed the door to recover a point, 1-2. The 79th minute, leinard right cross, steindall left post before the ball stopped, turned around to push the shot, 1-3. The 83rd minute, Richter straight plug, substitute fenbogasson inserted the right side of the restricted area small angle volley, 2-3.

Dusseldorf 3-3 Hertha Berlin

The sixth minute, Steger long pass, Karaman anti offside into the restricted area after the push to break the door to take the lead, 1-0. The 9th minute, Zimmerman slants the plug, Tommy after gets the ball, catches a defensive player then the right foot circle shoots the arc ball to enter the net, 2-0. In the first half, in the first minute of stoppage time, Zimmermans inverted triangle cross, Kallmans middle volley, 3-0. In the 64th minute, in daridas bottom cross, Tommy accidentally hit the ball into his own goal when he was free, 3-1. The 66th minute, Wolff cross, Cunha stopped the ball after the right foot push shot to catch another point, 3-2. The 74th minute, torunariha zhisai, piatke inserted into the forbidden area before being put down by the home team goalkeeper, Hertha was awarded a penalty. Piatek equalised on his own penalty, 3-3.

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