France - mbape 2 shots 1 pass, icardi wins 4-0 victory over Dijon in Paris

 France - mbape 2 shots 1 pass, icardi wins 4-0 victory over Dijon in Paris

The second minute, mavidi close to the restricted area after a long-range attack was put out by Navas. In the third minute, mbapeis cross from the bottom was cleared to the forbidden area by aggerds header. Malkynios shot the ball in front of him. Saravias middle shot sent the ball to the goal gate. Paris was 1-0 ahead.

In the tenth minute, in the bottom line pass of mbapepe, Sarabias header was saved by Runar Sen, and the defender quickly cleared. Di Malia got the ball and broke into the forbidden area to pass. Mbape headed the ball to the top of the goal. The 17th minute, delaxler came out to replace the right thigh muscle behind the suspected strain of DiMaria. In the 28th minute, Kawani took Gayes pass, knocked on his chest after stopping the ball, and delaxler volleyed into the goal and was saved by lunelson.

The 35th minute, the mavidi cross, alphaes low shot from the bottom line. In the 36th minute, the bottom line of mbapey received a long pass from the backcourt, and Kawani hit high against the ball. In the 39th minute, Gaye zhisai, mbapes volley was blocked by ronelson, and Gayes volley against the ball was blocked out of the baseline. In the 41st minute, mavidi volleyed off the baseline.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides. The 49th minute, Bernarda cross, malkynios header from the bottom line. In the 50th minute, Tavares round shot was confiscated by Navas. In the 54th minute, Kawani took the straight plug and scored, and mbapejins shot was blocked by the defender. In the 60th minute, malkienios picked and passed the forbidden area. Mbape padded his heel in front of the door, and Kawani padded and shot out of the baseline.

In the 61st minute, in front of Kawanis oblique pass, mbapeyuan wrapped up and hit the sideline. In the 70th minute, Gaye knocked on the right side of the forbidden area, and saravia pushed and attacked the goal, which was blocked by the goal post. In the 74th minute, Paredes passed the ball to the forbidden area after receiving the straight plug from the back court. Mbape pushed the goalkeeper to break the goal, and Paris was 2-0 ahead.

The 77th minute, mbape cross the forbidden area, icardi push to break the door, Paris 3-0 lead.

In the 81st minute, after cardiz broke into the forbidden area, he shot low and was saved by Navas. In the 84th minute, samaritano shot away from the penalty area and missed the baseline. In the 89th minute, draxler crossed the penalty area obliquely, and mbape fell down and missed the shot when he stopped to start.

In the injury stoppage period, saravias corner ball was dropped by the header, delaxlers volley was blocked, and mbapes volley shot locked the win.

In the end, Paris beat Dijon 4-0, and mbape temporarily led the French top scorer list with 18 goals.

Paris Saint Germain (442): 1-navas / 14-bernat, 5-malginios, 3-campenberg, 4-corell / 11-dimaria (1723-draksler), 33 Kwasi (718-paredes), 27 Gaye, 19 saravia / 7-mbape, 9-cavali (7118-icardi)

Dijon (532): 1-lunarsen / 27-mendri, 4-agard, 5-kulibali (7519-cadiz), 25 manga, 2-alphonse / 22 ndong, 24 lautoa (7220-amafetano), 17 bard / 9-mavidi (647-samaritano), 11 Tavares

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