Bayern Huo village negative game extreme fans scold Huo village boss: XX raise!

 Bayern Huo village negative game extreme fans scold Huo village boss: XX raise!

After the game resumed, after playing for 10 minutes, the extreme fans once again put up the slogan of insulting hope. This time, the game was interrupted again. Not only Frick and the players ran to the field, but also Rummenigge, Kahn and Salihamidzic and other senior club leaders ran to the field to try to convince the fans. In the end, the players of the two teams had to return to the player channel to wait for the result. They knew that if the situation could not be controlled, at least the game could be ended ahead of time.

After waiting for 12 minutes, the game finally recovered. At this time, the two teams have no love war, the audience saw a strange scene. After the game reopened, Huo village players quickly passed the ball to Bayern players. The two teams began to pour their feet on each other, and the scene became very harmonious. Even goalkeepers Noel and Bowman came to the middle circle and chatted with their teammates.

In the last 10 minutes, the players of the two teams either chatted, passed a pass or even played a game of passing the ball. This performance is undoubtedly the silent protest of the players against the extreme fan behavior, and also won the warm applause of Hoffenheim fans. But in the pouring rain, Bayern President Rummenigge and Huo village boss hope stand side by side, also has a kind of solemn and stirring ceremony feeling. In the end, the game ended in such a special way.

In Germany, the 50 + 1 policy means that private investors or enterprises cannot own more than 50% or more shares of German professional teams (German team and German team), fundamentally because the voting rights of investors cannot exceed 50%. This allows the Bundesliga club to be controlled by the club representing the fans and avoid being controlled by foreign consortia like the Premier League, while many German fans are particularly resistant to the situation that a certain consortia or boss controls the team.

However, Hoffenheim is a special case. 96% of the teams shares are controlled by hope, the founder of sap, a famous German software company. Hope, as a strong player in Huo village, has invested in the team since 1989. At that time, Huo village had not yet been promoted to German B and was not subject to the 50 + 1 policy. However, since entering the Bundesliga in 2008-2009, hope has invested a lot in the team, so that the team can have a foothold in the Bundesliga.

However, many fans think that the practice of hope has destroyed the football culture of Germany. Therefore, from the moment when Huo Cun was promoted to the Bundesliga, hope has become the eyesore of many extreme fans. Even in the home games, there are many times that the fans of the visiting team put up banners to insult hope.

As early as November 2018, Borussia Dortmund was almost punished by the German Football Association for his fans insults to hope. Despite the complaints, doth avoided the penalty, but their fans were banned from visiting Huo village for a certain period of time.

In such a fierce competition for the league title, Bayern ushered in such a big win, but because of the irrational behavior of a few extreme fans, the fans are in crisis, which is obviously what people do not want to see. After the game, Bayern President Rummenigge also expressed his apology to hope, todays event, I feel that I have no face to Mr. hope, such an event makes Bayern and the whole Bundesliga ashamed!! Today will be an important day in the history of Bundesliga. With regard to German football culture, football future and whether to tolerate the unscrupulous venting of these troublemakers, the source of funds of football clubs and so on, these Bundesliga leagues have to take a clear attitude. Bayern and the Bundesliga leagues will take the same attitude and measures against these troublemakers.

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