Bundesliga - extreme fans insulted the banner and forced Bayern to stop the match 6-0 win over Huo Village

 Bundesliga - extreme fans insulted the banner and forced Bayern to stop the match 6-0 win over Huo Village

After the opening, in the second minute, Bayern broke the ball successfully in the front field. Kirgize made a precise straight pass in the front of the forbidden area. Mueller sent a precise cross from the left side of the forbidden area. Ganabari then grabbed the ball and volleyed it sideways. The ball bounced into the goal on Bowman, 0-1!

The 5th minute, Alaba left accurate cross, Mueller head shot to the top, higher than the beam. The 7th minute, Bayerns backcourt big foot long pass, Muellers forbidden area back hook, Qi erkeze and Xu Buna fight, in the confusion the ball bounced to kimihis feet, his forbidden area front right foot a world wave, the ball flew into the goal like a shell, 0-2!

In the 11th minute, griglitch made a precise cross on the right side, and Larson headed the ball in the penalty area, slightly higher than the crossbeam. In the 15th minute, Tiago made a long and accurate pass, while ginabri took the ball on the right side to break through the back pass. Jimishi made a leak in front of him. Zilkeze leaned against nordville, calmly turned around and shot with his left foot, 0-3!

In the 26th minute, kimih passed the ball over the top, zierkeze shot from his right foot in the penalty area, and Bowman caught the ball. In the 27th minute, ginaubri passed the ball on the right side, and zilkezes heel shot went out. In the 33rd minute, zilkezes shot was blocked, and the left foot of kutinhos forbidden area was volleyed with great force. The ball flew into the top right corner of the goal, 4-0!

The 36th minute, Davis left side with the ball into the restricted area, left foot volley by Bowman efforts to save. At the end of half-time, Bayern took a 4-0 lead.

Yi Bian fought again. In the 46th minute, Mueller broke the ball on the right front court and sent out a precise cross. Kutinho hit the ball with his right foot, 0-5!

In the 53rd minute, gernabri made a precise cross on the right side, and kutinhos head was deflected at the back of the ball. The 56th minute, the right side of the restricted area picked out the attack Bauman, Rudy in time in front of the goal line. In the 62nd minute, torresos midfield accurate straight pass, gretzkas anti offside success, cool right foot in the penalty area, 0-6!

In the 66th minute, Bayern fans in the stands put up slogans denouncing Hoffenheims boss, hope, and the game was suspended. Even coach Frick had to take the players to communicate with the fans. In the 72nd minute, kutinho made a straight pass in the middle, Lucas made a cross from the left to the bottom, and gretzkas right foot, who was unmarked in the middle, shot out of the crossbeam.

The 77th minute, the right side of grenbury breakthrough into the restricted area, sent a cross, Qi erkeze point in front of the right foot to shoot high. In the 78th minute, Bayern fans hung another slogan to insult hope in the stands. The game was interrupted for the second time. Not only Frick and the players came to the sidelines to ask the fans to stop irrational activities, but also Rummenigge and Kahn and other senior managers went to the sidelines to negotiate with the fans. But Huo village player simply returns to the player channel to wait for the game to resume. The game was interrupted for 10 minutes before it was resumed.

In this special case, in the heavy rain, after the resumption of the game, the two teams did not have a real fight, instead, they responded to the extreme fans practice with a harmonious situation of passing each other. In the end, the game time is exhausted in this way. In the end, Bayern beat Hoffenheim 6-0 away.

Two teams:

Hoffenheim (4-2-3-1): 1-bowman / 16 Rudy, 6-nordwitt, 21-schbrenner, 17 zubel (4627-karamaric) / 11 greech, 18 shamaseko / 29 SKOV, 14 Baumgart, 7-larsen (3031-ribeiro) / 9-beb

Bayern Munich (4-3-3): 1-neuer / 5-parval, 17 Boateng (4624-toliso), 27 Araba, 19 Davis (6321-lucas) / 32 kimich, 25 Thomas Muller (5618-gretzka), 6 Tiago / 22 gnabri, 35 zilkeze, 10 kutinho

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