Premier League - Alonso saves Chelsea 2-2 to avoid two consecutive defeats

 Premier League - Alonso saves Chelsea 2-2 to avoid two consecutive defeats

The fourth minute, Fraser pass, Stacy inverted triangle low level cross, BILLIN from the left foot push shot was blocked by Caballero. A minute later, tormori was robbed by billing when he was out of the way, and billing pushed his left foot at a small angle and kicked him in the middle of the net. In the 7th minute, Chelseas left corner was cleared, Mount shot far from the penalty area, and the ball bounced to the ground and was blocked by the goalkeeper.

The ninth minute, Joshua King left-wing cross, Wilson pad shot was blocked by Caballero. The first 30 minutes, aspilquita right cross, Alonso head ferry, Mount penalty area in the melee strafe was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

The 33rd minute, if zinho straight cross, Rees - James right cross, GIRU front door column to beat the shot in the crossbeam, Alonso far point inserted volley, 0-1, Chelsea away score lead, Alonso two consecutive league goals.

In the 41st minute, if zinho passes the ball, Reese James volleys from a long distance, the ball is blocked by the goalkeeper, and Alonso is cleared in the cross. At the end of the half-time, Chelsea were one goal ahead of Bournemouth.

The 46th minute, Alonso left cross, GIRU restricted area middle road push shot slightly deviated, Chelsea missed the goal opportunity. The 53rd minute, Fraser opened the right corner, in the middle of the Lerma penalty area, kovagic headed the ball to win, 1-1, Bournemouth tied the score.

In the 57th minute, birin passed the ball. In the right side of the Stacy area, kabarello failed to catch the ball. Joshua King shot the goal from the far post. 2-1, Bournemouth quickly overtook the score.

In the 62nd minute, Frasers right cross, Akers header came down, Wilsons close shot was blocked by Caballero, Lewis cooks left cross, Wilsons header hit the door and shot high. The 72nd minute, Mount straight cross, Alonso tackle into the restricted area, bashuai strafed the door, but he has offside.

In the 75th minute, Barkley deflected in a long-range shot and nearly flew into Bournemouth. In the 81st minute, in the cross of mount, bashuyayi missed the shot, the ball was saved by the goalkeeper, Christensen passed the ball, and aspiriqueta shot from a small angle.

The 84th minute, aspilquita passes, Pedro turns to volley, the goalkeeper saves the ball, Alonso header goal, 2-2, Alonso may open two times, Chelsea level the score.

In the 92nd minute, Alonsos header missed the goal. At the end of the game, Chelsea drew 2-2 at Bournemouth.

Bournemouth (433): 12 Ramsdale / 17 Stacey, 3 Steve cook, 5 AK, 15 Smith / 16 Lewis cook (814 Gosling), 8 Lerma, 29 billing / 7 Joshua King (6819 Stanislas), 13 kalem Wilson, 24 Fraser

Chelsea (3421): 1-cabarello / 28 aspilquita, 4-christensen, 29-tommori (6410-william) / 24-rees-james, 5-jorinho (648-barkley), 17-kovachic, 3-alonso / 11 Pedro, 19 mount / 18 GIRU (7223-bashuai)

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