If you understand this, you wont be so tired in your marriage

 If you understand this, you wont be so tired in your marriage

If your attitude towards marriage is too perfunctory, and you are neither willing to put yourself in the others shoes, nor willing to make necessary changes or compromises for the other party, your marriage may suffer.

The reason why you are tired in marriage is often because you dont really want to understand what marriage is all about. Generally speaking, if you understand this, you will not be so tired in your marriage.

1. No perfect marriage

You have to understand that there is no perfect marriage in the world. If you have unrealistic illusions about marriage from the beginning, and you confuse love with marriage, you may have a hard life in marriage.

If you can accept the imperfections in your marriage from the beginning, and you are willing to accept the shortcomings and deficiencies of your partner, you will live a more relaxed life in your marriage.

In marriage, you should learn to dress lightly, you should learn to correct your attitude in marriage, and you should also learn to correct your position in marriage.

If you always force your partner to do something beyond his ability in marriage, and you ask him to become what you like, then in the long run, if your partner loves you again, he may want to divorce you.

A really good marriage is one in which both husband and wife can tolerate and understand each other, and you can help each other when you are together.

After all, marriage will fall into a flat period. No matter how much you love before, once you get married, as time goes on, your feelings will gradually cool down, instead of a watery marriage life.

The biggest difference between marriage and love is that love can pursue so-called romance, but marriage requires you to have a strong heart, and you should be able to accept the plainness and triviality of marriage.

You have to understand that its only plain and light that is true. Those seemingly unremarkable years are really good times to cherish. If your marriage life is full of turbulence and uneasiness, you always pursue the romance of nothingness, and you are not willing to live a solid life with your partner, then you tend to live a more tired life in marriage.

A really good marriage can stand the test of time. Even the ordinary days can be tasted sweet by you.

As long as your partner is willing to love you wholeheartedly, your family is safe, healthy and round. You should be grateful even if your life is as plain as water. Only when you learn to cherish these seemingly inconspicuous happiness, you will not be too tired in marriage.

3. The sense of security is always given by oneself

When you decide to marry someone, you need to be prepared to lose the marriage at any time and try to manage it. You have to understand that security is always given by yourself.

The reason why you are so tired in marriage is often because you regard marriage as the whole of life, and you place all your hopes on your partner.

If you dont have any source of income and work income in your marriage, every cent you spend depends on your partners alms. You need to see your partners face in your marriage, then you will naturally live a hard life.

The real sense of security is not what others give you, but what you strive for. On the one hand, you need to remain financially independent. Whether before or after marriage, you should work hard to make money, and you should have a relatively stable economic income and source. If you are overly dependent on your partner, either materially or financially, over time, your partner may not be able to help but despise you.

On the other hand, you need to continuously improve your comprehensive ability and quality. You need to have a skill and make yourself stronger and stronger. Only when you become more and more excellent, will your partner become more and more inseparable from you, and you will be able to cope with your marriage.

In short, marriage is neither as good as you think, nor as bad as you think. As long as you want to understand something or truth, you wont be so tired in your marriage.

Before you give your heart to a person, you should first judge whether the other person is really reliable and whether he is really worth your heart.

If he doesnt love you, he just plays tricks on you, he doesnt really love you, then no matter how much you love him, you should not easily agree to marry him.

A really good marriage is that two people can support each other and give together. No matter how much you love a person, you should not flatter or indulge him excessively. You should learn to love yourself well. Its only when you get better and better that your partner will look up to you and you wont be so tired in your marriage.