What a divorced man said in his heart: no matter how much a woman loves you, dont talk about it

 What a divorced man said in his heart: no matter how much a woman loves you, dont talk about it

With the passage of time, the relationship between husband and wife gradually faded. Chens work is more and more busy, the number of business trips is more and more, and his time with his wife is less and less.

At first, the wife had no complaints about it. No matter how late Chen worked overtime, she would light a lamp and wait for him to go home. When Chen came home drunk, his wife would wash him carefully.

Despite his wifes painstaking efforts, Chen did not know how to cherish her, but often spoke rudely to her. As long as his wife cant help nagging him once in a while and persuading him to drink less wine, he will say to her impatiently, dont nag me, my business wont come to you.

Later, the wife finally couldnt bear it, and finally chose to divorce him. After the divorce, Chen realized that he had lost a woman who really loved him. He might never find a better woman than his ex-wife.

Old Chen said that he now regrets that he didnt cherish the man in front of him and that he shouldnt have said so much to his ex-wife. He has a saying in his heart that he wants to say to all men, that is, no matter how much a woman loves you, dont talk about it.

1. Big deal, divorce

Old Chen said that when he was in a bad mood or quarreled with his wife, he would often say to his wife, divorce is the big deal. Whenever he said this to his wife, she would be particularly hurt.

Men should remember that if a woman loves you again, you should not easily talk about divorce or breakup. Its a rare fate for two people to know each other and love each other. You must treasure it more.

Whether a marriage can come to the end depends on the joint efforts of both husband and wife. If youre in a marriage, say to a woman, lets divorce. Then, after the woman listened, naturally cant help but be disappointed to you.

2. I wont let you

A really good marriage needs mutual tolerance between husband and wife. The reason why Chen went to divorce was that he didnt know how to tolerate his wife. Whenever his wife and he make trouble, he never actively let her, but to her all kinds of aggressive, progressive, leading to his wifes total heart.

If a woman loves you again, dont say to her easily, I wont let you go again. Once you say this to her, it means that you cant bear her anymore, and your heart has put her down.

If you dont want your marriage to break up, you need to learn to give women more tolerance and tolerance. After all, no one is perfect. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Since you decide to marry a woman, you should learn to accept all her shortcomings.

If you are not willing to make the necessary concessions or compromises for a woman, you always force her to do things that she is not interested in or good at at at at all, then the woman who loves you no longer cant help turning against you.

3. Dont nag me. I dont want to talk to you at all

The most intolerable part of Chens marriage is his wifes nagging. Whenever his wife nagged at him, he could not help losing his temper with her. He even said angrily to his wife, dont nag me, I dont want to talk to you at all. In fact, this is not right.

Imagine if a woman no longer wants to talk to you, she is always silent in front of you, she completely ignores your existence, and she no longer nags you, can you still feel her love and care for you? Not really.

Therefore, when you find a woman willing to nag you, her starting point is for you, especially when you are separated, she will take the initiative to chat with you, then you should know that she really loves you.

If you dont know how to cherish a womans nagging, you are full of dislike for her nagging or caring, and you always deliberately alienate and neglect her, then a woman who loves you no longer will be alienated from you.

In short, in marriage, men should pay attention to the way of speaking. When you talk to a woman, you should be careful not to hurt others. You should be responsible for every word you say.

If you dont speak in a proper way, you humiliate a woman when you cant move, you speak very badly, you are too mean to her, then a woman may want to escape the marriage.

No matter what kind of contradiction or conflict happens between husband and wife, you should learn to keep proper calm and objective, and you should not quarrel or cold war for a little bit.

As long as you know how to communicate, your marriage will last for a long time. If you never know how to communicate with your heart in your marriage, and there is almost no communication and zero interaction between you, you will quarrel if you dont agree with each other, and you will humiliate or scold each other if you dont move, then your marriage is likely to have deep cracks.

For men, you should learn to give women more tolerance in marriage. You dont talk about divorce, and you dont dislike womens nagging. If you cant master the measure and measure of talking to a woman, and you are particularly harsh, then no matter how much a woman loves you, she may want to leave you.