Peoples Daily: please take care of Hubei ID card with 42 characters

 Peoples Daily: please take care of Hubei ID card with 42 characters

At the first sight of the ID card number at the beginning of 42, various conditions are set for the holder, which is obviously unreasonable and against the spirit of the rule of law. The reason is very simple. People of Hubei nationality dont live in Hubei during the epidemic, let alone they should be treated differently.

At present, the situation of national epidemic prevention and control is expanding, but the risk of epidemic rebound cannot be ignored. In this context, it is understandable that no matter Hubei keeps away from erdaokou or other places to prevent high-risk personnel from entering the local area, it will help to reduce the risk of epidemic output (entry), which is the only way in a special period.

However, it is a simple and crude way to mark Hubei people with ID card number. This kind of practice can not reflect the word precision in the precise strategy, but also can hurt the innocent and chill the people in Hubei due to too rigid and mechanical.

Before that, some localities labeled and even stigmatized Hubei people, causing controversy and criticism. To prevent and control the epidemic, it is a consensus that Wuhan wins in Hubei Province, and Hubei wins in the whole country. However, in the process of implementation, we should not grasp the situation with eyebrows and beard, but we must abide by the laws and regulations.

What Hubei people in other places need is not privilege, nor special care. What they need is to look down. Many of them live and work in the local area for a long time. They havent set foot in Hubei for a long time. They are forced to separate without detailed investigation, which seems too impersonal.

At this stage, in addition to Hubei, Wuhan and other areas with heavy epidemic prevention and control tasks, we should pay attention to the degree of control.. This is the degree of scale, the degree of law, or the degree of temperature. Only by paying attention to methods and full of temperature can we get twice the result with half the effort. Otherwise, there will only be unnecessary problems and contradictions.

Recently, its difficult for Hubei residents who are required to be isolated and have not returned to Hubei to go home, which may be a few phenomena, but it suggests that the prevention and control work should be more accurate and detailed. The prevention and control work is not easy. It is good at rectifying deviation in the process of promotion and precise adjustment in the process of improvement. If the prevention and control has strength and temperature, it will be more effective and acceptable.