Netizens demand that the name of Xinguan viaduct be changed media: Wang Wenshengs timidity is also a disease

 Netizens demand that the name of Xinguan viaduct be changed media: Wang Wenshengs timidity is also a disease

Qingdao did not comply with the requirements of some netizens to change the name of Xinguan viaduct, which is legal and compliant, and has done a good job.

The word new crown does not naturally mean a virus. Although the abbreviation of the virus causing the epidemic is Xinguan virus, the word Xinguan has no original sin and has no inevitable causal relationship with the virus.

In fact, the new crown has multiple auspicious meanings, such as new champion, new success, new breakthrough, new harvest, new hope, new clothes, etc. it simply equates the word new crown with the virus symbol, talks about the color change of new crown, looks at the palpitation of new crown, obviously loses the bias, which is the manifestation of excessive panic.

Moreover, there are many people who call x new crown and many enterprises with new crown as the brand name. If you search online with new crown as the keyword, you can get a large number of name results with natural people and enterprises as the main users. For example, in the logic of requiring the road to be renamed, the above-mentioned enterprises and individuals should also be changed. Such a new crown is obviously absurd and difficult to be recognized by relevant enterprises and individuals.

As we all know, place names and road names are often associated with the history, customs, culture and public opinion of a place. It will bring a lot of inconveniences to change names without hesitation, or even separate some unique historical and cultural ties attached to them. The new crown elevated road in Qingdao has been built and named for many years, which conforms to the legal rules and does not violate the moral rules. It has been embedded in the local road name culture for a long time, and there is no need to give way due to the collision with the virus.

We should be highly vigilant and ready to deal with the new crown virus; we should keep a calm and rational attitude towards the word new crown, instead of looking at the meaning of the word and disordering the balance. In fact, this kind of peaceful rationality can show our strong psychological self-confidence, which is one of the sources of our ultimate victory over the virus.