Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran will peak in the epidemic period. What are the preparations for the government?

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran will peak in the epidemic period. What are the preparations for the government?

Iran novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak will come in high

Irans health minister namaki said the data showed that the next week will be the peak of the outbreak in Iran, state television reported Tuesday. The Ministry of health once again called on the public to reduce travel and follow the epidemic prevention tips.

In addition, each province of Iran has established a special committee, which can issue relevant policies on flexible working hours of each province.

The head office reporter learned that in Kum City, where the epidemic is more serious, there are two designated hospitals providing more than 600 beds, and two standby hospitals can be put into use at any time. Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard also cooperates with the Kum municipal government to disinfect the streets and public places of Kum twice a week, and to repack and pack the medical packages (including masks, epidemic prevention manuals, etc.). In Tehran, the capital city with a rapid growth of confirmed cases, there are 9 designated hospitals with relatively sufficient beds. Kum city is located about 130 kilometers south of Tehran City, which shows that the current Iranian epidemic has a cluster outbreak.

Health minister namaki said Iran has imported medical protective equipment including masks and protective clothing. At the same time, the relevant factories step up production 24 hours to ensure that there is enough stock for people to buy.

Most of Irans sports events have been cancelled, except that individual sports events can be held without spectators. Many tourist attractions including the pink mosque were closed, and cinemas and other places were temporarily closed. Schools across Iran will continue to be closed for three days until next Monday (March 2), and Iranian television will give online lectures to students.

Iranian peoples awareness of epidemic prevention

The head office reporter also learned that at present, there is sufficient supply of fruits, vegetables and meat in supermarkets and vegetable markets in Iran. Although the supply of masks and disinfectants in drugstores is relatively tight, this situation will soon improve. Local Iranian people also strictly abide by the epidemic prevention measures, wear masks and gloves to go out, and remind people around to strengthen the prevention and control.

March 21 is the nuruzi festival in Iran, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival in China. In the past, in early March, Iranians would purchase on a large scale, but now people are beginning to avoid gathering in the market.

It is worth mentioning that many short videos of epidemic prevention in China have been spontaneously translated into Persian by local people and widely spread on social media.

Get through this together! China donates lots of anti epidemic materials to Iran

In the early morning of the 29th, a team of Chinese experts arrived in Tehran, carrying some medical supplies provided by China. Officials from the Ministry of health of Iran welcome the Chinese experts to Iraq and bring new aid. He said that Iran appreciates the positive results China has achieved in fighting the epidemic, thanks China for providing medical materials and technical support in difficult times, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China and learn from Chinas experience in fighting the epidemic.

On the 25th and 26th, the Chinese Embassy in Iran donated 250000 masks and 5000 nucleic acid test kits to Iran.

Irans embassy in China sent a message Thursday night thanking the Chinese government for its assistance: we are deeply moved that China still extends a helping hand to Iran in the difficult time of the first-line war. This friendship is not only the spiritual support for our common fight against the epidemic, but also a huge driving force for the development of Iran China relations.

Chang Hua, Chinas ambassador to Iran, said: in this fight against the epidemic, China and Iran share weal and woe and stand by each other. The virus has no lover. Epidemic situation has no boundary, disease has no island, virus is our common enemy. China is willing to novel coronavirus pneumonia challenge and cooperate with the Iraqi side to actively prevent the spread and spread of the epidemic, and to protect the safety and health of all the people and contribute to the public health undertaking in the region and the whole world. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was first launched in China, and the Iraqi side provided medical supplies to China. There is a poem in China that says to vote for me, to vote for me, and to report to Qiongyao. Now, Chinese embassies, Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese in Iraq have also donated their love to relevant departments in Iraq. China will also provide more assistance to Iran.