Men in charge! Why are cosmetics mens endorsements now?

 Men in charge! Why are cosmetics mens endorsements now?

Armani announced that yishue Qianxi became the spokesman of the brands cosmetics.

Four character brother is young, but you Kangkangs appearance with red lips and glazes makes people blush and heartbeat. Whats the matter!

Maybelline announced huachenyu as the brand spokesperson.

February 20th

LOreal Paris announced that Wang Jiaer became the global spokesperson of mens skin care series.

Wang Gagas endorsement of mens skin care is a feat to save all men. Because of Wang Jiaers male silent female tears face and shape, as well as not much refinement and hormone index, let him lead rough men to do skin care tasks, it is the best example!

February 25-26

NARS announced that Yun GA and Zheng Yunlong were ambassadors for lipstick.

Cloud square girl new year again! Two color numbers recommended by Dalong and gazili, dragon is the water light version of u0dcf Gypsy 940, and GA is the matte version of u0dcf Yongsheng red 975. A blogger has already tested the color. The color test chart is arranged for you here. Remember to grab~

February 26th

Keyan announced that Song Xi became the official brand spokesperson.

As the most popular elder sister of the year in 2020, the brand concept of Song Xi and Mr. bone, whose career is booming, is very consistent, professional and reliable.

February 26th

Revlon Revlon announced that modern brother Liu Yuning has become the brand ambassador and the spokesperson of the brand photoready series.

Last year was almost the year of Liu Yuning. With recording, filming, variety shows and brand activities, the popularity and popularity of modern brother Liu Yuning soared. At the beginning of 2020, there will be a new spokesperson, Guan Xuan. It seems that the little brother is going to take a long way this year!

February 27th

Today, CASI Paris released a preliminary official announcement, which is very interesting. We have one product. A kind of

This new brand ambassadors silhouette leader, lets guess!

New products are all my love, who can stand it!

Since the beginning of the year, not only the spokesperson has changed a lot, but also these beautiful love beans are attractive enough! The beauty industry has also launched more than n new products, extending their beautiful little hands to our wallets.


First of all, the American make-up colourpop has even cooperated with sailor month! Jointly launched limited make-up, including eye shadow, blush, Lip Glaze.

Maybe we cant buy it at home, so we have to compete with the beautiful girls all over the world!


Who hasnt got a box of fresh Lip Mask yet? This kind of moisturizing and repairing Lip Mask, which many people often have, is limited to caramel flavor.

The limited edition package is designed by Mira Mariah, a popular tattoo artist in New York. There are many creative stickers attached to the hand-painted package. You can also DIY your own unique and exclusive Lip Mask, lovely~

M. A. C

This series contains three lipsticks, 2 bullet warheads and 1 base lipsticks. Bullet point is coral powder and grapefruit color, suitable for making the lips of reducing age petals. Lipstick is used before makeup. It can make the follow-up lipstick more lasting and lasting. It can also be used as lip gloss and moisturizing everyday.

Other products in the series include dressing cakes, blush brush and moisturizing spray. In the spring to add advanced light to the makeup, but also for the skin moisture.


Givenchy launched the spring 2020 limited makeup themed Starlight garden.

The series includes high definition fragrant champs lipstick, high water Waterproof Eyeliner and high four palace blush. Eyeliner is colored, and it makes people feel good.


Not only did the two lipsticks of Zheng Yunlong and NARS share the inspiration of the antelope valley in the spring, they also included the colors of the valley and the introduction of the best color plates.

One is the desert rose plate, the sunset red wine rose red eye shadow, suitable for mature and sexy dating party makeup.

The other is desert sunset plate, soft amber color system, suitable for daily commuting with natural warm orange tone makeup.


The inner core of the air cushion still adheres to the black technology of the base make-up of the ink air cushion, and the make-up feeling is matte and transparent. The exclusive micro sponge pigment granules contained in the foundation fluid can absorb sebum 4 times heavier than the skin itself and resist sweat, helping the skin maintain oil and water balance. Oil skin is not easy to float powder, and dry skin will not get stuck.


There are also Armani in the bottom makeup, and the classic power family has new products, black air cushion and concealer.

The texture of the black air cushion is very special. At the moment when it touches the skin, it can be transformed from powder into liquid texture, and then into fine powder, so as to extend the time and effect of holding makeup and keep the makeup all day matte. Concealer milk is also added with skin care essential oil, so it has excellent ductility and is very friendly to cover the defects of the eyeground.

In the 2020 season of autumn and winter, Armanis advanced clothing shows are all from the power series. The makeup texture is like velvet, full of high-grade luster.


This box represents Sallys limited set of character and image. Its full of the wonderful sense of adventure of the ancient spirit. Its worth collecting!

Just in the past winter, we were forced to spend an extra long winter holiday. Have you been unable to resist your shopping desire and want to buy and buy?

However, although there are many beautiful and good things in this spring, we still need to pay attention to the changes of the epidemic situation all the time. Dont go out and go shopping easily. Lets focus on online shopping first!