The 70th Berlin Film Festival closes tomorrow

 The 70th Berlin Film Festival closes tomorrow

Among them, director Cai Guangmings new work days has become the only Chinese film selected for the main competition unit. The film was starred by Li Kangsheng and Aaron hongshangxi. It lasted 127 minutes and there was no dialogue. At present, the film got 3.3 points (full 4 points) in the Berlin Film Festival, ranking second. The film never, rarely, sometimes, always scored 3.6 points in the festival journal, which is the highest score among the shortlisted films at present.

Directed by sun Lijun, the ink and wash animated film Qiushi was shortlisted for the new generation unit. It tells the story of the process of storing food for the sleeping after autumn. Despite the threat of natural enemies and the teasing of his companions, he finally harvested food by mistake. There is no dialogue in the whole film. Through the competition between insects, the survival rule of the small and medium-sized insects in the garden is depicted.

On February 28, famous director Ang Lee and Shi zhiyuhe appeared in the 70th Berlin International Film Festival to specially plan the on transmission dialogue activity. In this link, Ang Lee and his invited guest, Zhi Yuhe, selected each others works for screening and exchange. Ang Lee chose Shizhi Yuhes early work next stop, Kingdom of heaven, which he said was shocked when he saw it at that time; instead, he chose Ang Lees Brokeback Mountain, which said that the film is very delicate, I am his fan, Im sorry that we didnt work together, but when he invited me to participate in the Berlin dialogue, I was very happy to agree.

Jia Zhangke attended the 70th anniversary of the film festival

In addition, Jia Zhangke, who was shortlisted for the special exhibition unit of swimming to the sea and turning blue, also attended the series of activities of on transmission as a special guest for the 70th anniversary of the film festival.