Experts: novel coronavirus pneumonia is not advocated for healthy people to prevent new crown pneumonia.

 Experts: novel coronavirus pneumonia is not advocated for healthy people to prevent new crown pneumonia.

For the traditional Chinese medicine recommended in the medical observation period, will ordinary people have the preventive effect after taking it? Novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment and patient rehabilitation were held in a press conference this afternoon. At the meeting, Wang Rongbing, chief physician of the Department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that it was not advocated that healthy people and asymptomatic people use proprietary Chinese medicine for prevention.

During the medical observation period, there are mainly no symptoms, but the treatment recommended by our medical observation period is symptomatic people, some people feel weak and weak, even some people have diarrhea, abdominal distention and other symptoms, so we recommend some proprietary Chinese medicine, Huoxiang Zhengqi, Huoxiang Zhengqi powder and Huoxiang Zhengqi pill.

She said that some people feel a little uncomfortable and even feel a little feverish. Like this, they also recommend some Chinese patent medicines with the function of clearing away heat. The use of these medicines is not for prevention, so it is meaningless not to advocate the use of Chinese patent medicines by healthy people and people without symptoms. Prevention is still in accordance with national regulations, do a good job in personal protection, do not get together, wear a good mask, do a good job in hand hygiene, protect their own protection of the family, protect the comrades around the work.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is actually a novel coronavirus pneumonia, which has been compared to the traditional meaning. What are the characteristics of the new crown pneumonia? Wang GuiQiang, director of infectious diseases department of Peking University First Hospital, gave an answer at the press conference of joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on February 28. He said that now many public and media have mentioned that self limitation does not need treatment, which is a misunderstanding and should be corrected. Dont make the public think that the new coronavirus infection is a self limiting disease. Its a mistake to survive at home. We must correct this concept and emphasize timely treatment. Once the disease is infected, it should be effectively isolated in the hospital to avoid the risk of further transmission.