Xi Jinpings war time

 Xi Jinpings war time


Xi Jinpings schedule is very full these more than 50 days.

It can be seen from the sorting out that in the public report, from January 25 to now, he presided over five meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, one meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, one meeting of the deep reform committee, one meeting of the comprehensive law based governance committee, one teleconference for 170000 people, and made important instructions on epidemic prevention and control for many times.

On the first day of the new year, he presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. He also went to Beijings communities, hospitals and centers for Disease Control and prevention to learn about the work of grassroots epidemic prevention and control. For the first time, people saw Xi Jinping wearing masks and body temperature, which conveyed signals and determination.

In February 10th, Xi Jinping came to the Anhua community in anzhen street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, to understand the situation of joint prevention and control at the grass-roots level.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping also talked with foreign dignitaries and international leaders on telephone, correspondence and meetings to introduce progress in Chinas epidemic prevention and control and to convey Chinas confidence.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a big hit in the intensive conference and speech. Xi Jinping also admitted that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will inevitably cause a great impact on the economy and society.

One of the most direct manifestations of this impact is reflected in the rising price of vegetables and the shortage of materials that residents may face. Therefore, Xi Jinping urged all localities to implement the vegetable basket Mayor responsibility system, in order to prevent and control the epidemic at the same time, to maintain a stable and orderly production and life, to avoid the increased number of confirmed cases, supplies of living materials and other tensions caused panic, resulting in secondary disasters.

How to coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation and return to work is a great challenge. Xi Jinpings consideration is to implement the strategy of precise prevention and control at the district level, to break through the flow of people and logistics, and to release the restriction of cargo logistics, so as to ensure that employees can get back, raw materials can be supplied and products can get out. In addition, the central government has taken strict measures in terms of health monitoring and personnel management.

For everyone concerned about vaccine research and development, virus detection and other scientific research problems, Xi Jinping also has the deployment. He said novel coronavirus pneumonia is a relatively new concept for us as a new infectious disease. We should integrate multi-disciplinary forces to carry out scientific research and strengthen theoretical research on the sources of infection and the mechanism of transmission and disease.

When spring ploughs, farming is tight. Hunger breeds discontentment, and one principle runs through it all. Xi Jinpings consistent attention is the key to his work. In the tense battle time, Xi Jinping also made important instructions for spring ploughing. The more we face the challenges of risk, the more we need to stabilize agriculture, the more we need to ensure the safety of grain and important non-staple food.

At the same time, at the time of 2020, he also paid attention to the work of poverty alleviation and stressed that there should be no idea of one alleviation, one waiting, but more efforts must be made to implement the work.

In February 10th, Xi Jinping was in the Anhua community of anzhen street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, to understand the situation of joint prevention and control at the grass-roots level.


In the busy schedule of the general secretary, we can also find many details worthy of attention.

The first is to judge the development of the epidemic situation. Epidemic prevention and control is a peoples war. We need to mobilize all people. At different stages, he repeatedly reminded that it is very important to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex, the epidemic prevention and control work has reached the most arduous critical stage, so that everyone can correctly understand and improve their vigilance in mind, and never relax.

In addition, Xi Jinping is concerned about the implementation of policies. For example, there was a passage in the speech on February 3:

Some local municipal and county health bureaus, emergency bureaus, government offices, county Party committees, womens federations, education bureaus, agricultural and rural bureaus, etc. all make one or several forms respectively, which require grassroots cadres to fill in and report quickly. The contents of these forms are almost the same, but there is no document or department to help villages and towns solve the urgent problems of even a mask or a bottle of disinfectant water.

It is obvious that this is a circle of friends speech from the grassroots cadres of the township. This also shows that Xi Jinping is very concerned about the phenomenon of policy distortion and aliasing in the implementation of grass-roots units, as well as the real situation reflected in the network.

First, the content of the meeting is very important;

Second, the content of the meeting is very urgent;

Third, the content of the meeting is no longer forwarded layer by layer in the way of document communication, so as to reduce the information reduction and misinterpretation at the middle level.

Xi Jinping, who needs to rush ahead of the crisis, has made repeated requests. On January 27, he issued an important instruction to the leading groups and cadres of the party organizations at all levels, especially the main responsible comrades, to stick to their posts and command ahead, so as to be responsible for the local affairs, to be responsible for the local affairs, and to be responsible for the local affairs. At the meeting on February 23, he put forward new requirements of four hearts for Party members and cadres, namely, the heart of winning, the heart of responsibility, the heart of benevolence and the heart of prudence.

Some of them are afraid to take responsibility, unwilling to take responsibility, timid and timid. They will deploy everything, and they will not move without pushing;

Some of them are tired and procrastinated, the situation is unclear and the work has no idea;

Some of them are perfunctory, have a floating style of work, and are still engaged in formalism and bureaucracy;

Some push off, dodge from left to right, or even run away.

These are extremely irresponsible to the party and the people, and they cannot be tolerated! We must resolutely correct it!

For front-line medical staff, he repeatedly stressed the need for care and protection, such as:

We will make overall arrangements for rotation, strengthen psychological guidance, and implement salary, temporary work subsidies, and health and epidemic prevention subsidies;

All the infected medical staff were treated free of charge, and the sacrifice was reduced as much as possible;

Free physical examination shall be arranged in time, paid vacation time shall be increased in the future, and anti epidemic performance shall be included in the title evaluation index.

During his research in Beijing, Xi Jinping also dedicated videos to the front-line medical staff to cheer them up. During the epidemic, in reply to the students of University of Tibet medical school, who were interns at Shougang Hospital, Xi Jinping also encouraged them to take the example of the vast numbers of medical workers in the army, to fight ahead and fight bravely, and strive to be a good doctor relying on the party and the people.

In February 26th, the Standing Committee also had one detail to note: at the same time of deployment, Xi Jinping also led the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to contribute to the epidemic. It is also responding to the call of the Party Central Committee to the broad masses of Party members with practical actions.

In February 10th, Xi Jinping came to the operation monitoring center of the outpatient building of Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. He monitored the patients hospitalization and treatment through the monitoring screen, and the video link was working on the medical staff in the ward.


The epidemic has exposed many problems. Some are at the technical level, some are at the system level. In February 3rd, Xi Jinping pointed out that the epidemic is a major examination of the governance system and capacity of our country.

For another example, in the meeting of the deep reform commission chaired by him on February 14, he specifically said that we should pay close attention to the shortcomings, plug the loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, improve the national public health emergency management system, and improve the ability to respond to major public health emergencies.

Xi Jinping also attaches great importance to the prevention and control according to law. At the third meeting of the Central Committee for the rule of law in February 5th, Xi Jinping stressed that the more serious the epidemic prevention and control is, the more we must adhere to the law to prevent and control. We should co-ordinate and promote various prevention and control work on the track of rule of law, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work.

Indeed, we have seen some cases of rough and excessive law enforcement in addition to the majority of legal and intelligent anti epidemic practices. After Xi Jinping made the instructions, the Ministry of public security made special corrections and prohibitions, and related incidents were also dealt with.


This sudden epidemic is a very big battle since the founding of new China. The virus is coming, spreading, spreading and the challenge facing the whole society is unprecedented.

Hardships and dangers are the most important things for Wuhan. But, as Xi Jinping said, Wuhan is a city of heroes, the people of Hubei and the people of Wuhan are heroes. They have never been overwhelmed by difficulties and dangers in history. If comrades work together and fight bravely together, we will be able to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

The China China novel coronavirus pneumonia joint inspection team was released two days ago. Al Ward, senior adviser to the foreign group leader and who director general, said with emotion that he was also prejudiced like many people before coming to China, but the fact proved that Chinas method is the only way we know and proved successful. Just do it like China can save more lives.

On February 27, at a news conference held in Guangzhou, academician Zhong Nanshan said: foreign reports are very negative to us. But Chinese people are never afraid of being scolded or insulted! Academician Zhong also said that we can also show you whether Chinas road, political appeal and organizational mobilization can play their due role now!

Impassable the determination and deployment of the Central Committee, look at the medical staff in the front line, look at those ordinary staff who are committed to the post and defend the city, and look at those Chinese people who are optimistic, strong and resilient. We have reason to believe that no one winter can not be crossed under the firm leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. No spring will not come. u3002