Zhoukou, Henan Province responded to the Vice Mayor died for his post and held a memorial service: not on a large scale

 Zhoukou, Henan Province responded to the Vice Mayor died for his post and held a memorial service: not on a large scale

After taking office, intensive visits and surveys were conducted, and high-frequency on-site supervision and resumption of production were conducted before being killed

The obituary attracted great attention from the outside world. According to public reports, Liu Jianwu was appointed Vice Mayor of Zhoukou City at the 22nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourth Peoples Congress of Zhoukou on February 26, two days before he died on duty. On the third day of his official duty as deputy mayor of Zhoukou City, he died of a sudden heart attack at work and was sent to the Central Hospital of Zhoukou City for rescue.

According to the Red Star News reporter, Liu Jianwu was born in January 1975 and was from Queshan, Henan Province. Previously, he was Secretary of Xinzheng municipal Party committee. Xinzheng City is a county-level city subordinate to Zhengzhou City, and Zhoukou City is a prefecture level city subordinate to Henan Province.

According to public reports, Liu Jianwu went to work immediately after he arrived at Zhoukou, where he made intensive visits and investigations. Zhoukou local media reported that on January 17, he took part in the activities of visiting the old cadres in the morning, and in the afternoon, he also took part in the teleconference of air pollution prevention and control in the province. In the morning of January 20, he led a team to investigate the infrastructure construction and urban management of Zhoukou central urban area, and in the afternoon he went to Zhoukou Economic Development Zone to investigate the refined management of state-controlled sites.

The memorial meeting will do a good job in prevention and control, not on a large scale

Liu Jianwus death on duty caused many netizens regret after media reports. While expressing regret, many netizens also expressed concern, because the obituary also said that it is now scheduled to say goodbye to the body at the funeral home of Zhoukou City at 10:00 on March 1, 2020.

Zhoukou municipal government disclosed novel coronavirus pneumonia in Henan Province, which was reported in February 29th. At the time of 24, 1272 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia were reported, 7 cases were severe, 6 cases were critical cases, 21 cases were cumulative deaths, 1161 cases were discharged from hospital. Among them, 76 cases (including 7 cases in Luyi County) were confirmed in Zhoukou City.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the netizens are worried that the new era of the prevention and control of the epidemic will bring challenges and pressures to the epidemic prevention and control because of the massive crowd gathering. Do the relevant departments take corresponding measures to ensure that the two are correct?

As for the concerns of netizens, relevant staff of Zhoukou municipal Party Committee Publicity Department responded through Red Star News: the farewell ceremony tomorrow (March 1) will be mainly held by his (Liu Jianwu, vice mayor) familys immediate family members and friends, with few people and no large-scale implementation.

Although we all want to send Vice Mayor Liu for the last trip, we will not carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic on a large scale because of strict requirements from the central government to the local government during the epidemic. Access to funeral homes and other public places is also subject to corresponding restrictions and monitoring requirements to ensure prevention and control, the staff said

According to the staff, Li Jingchun, the citys first-line police officer, was killed in the anti epidemic front line. At the farewell ceremony, the number of people was limited to about 30.

Appointment day 3: 45 year old deputy mayor of Zhoukou, Henan Province dies on duty: sudden heart attack

Before going to Zhoukou, Liu Jianwu had worked for many years in Xinzheng, the former party secretary of Xinzheng. A colleague who has worked with Liu Jianwu for many years said that he was shocked and unbelievable after hearing the news of Liu Jianwus death. He said that Liu Jianwu is very serious in his work and has a strong working ability. He has a doctors degree and is amiable. He has never been angry with anyone. He is a rare cadre with a high education who works step by step from the grass-roots level..