First report: on Friday night, President Xi made two overseas calls

 First report: on Friday night, President Xi made two overseas calls

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Friends across the sea, hand in hand with colleagues. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Latin American countries expressed their sympathy and support to China through various forms, and actively offered assistance to China.

According to Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the political parties and social organizations such as Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia and other Latin American political parties and Latin American political parties, the American Foundation organization and St Paul forum have expressed their support for Chinas efforts to fight epidemic diseases through letters or other ways, expressing their willingness to fight side by side with China and overcome difficulties.

Raul Castro, the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the state, Dias carnel, said that Chinas rapid and powerful measures have made us more confident in the ability and wisdom of Chinese friends, and we believe that China, with its rich experience in the past, will be able to overcome the epidemic.

Chinas China novel coronavirus pneumonia Dias also made a special trip to the Chinese Embassy in Cuba in February 14th to reiterate the condolences and support of the Cuban party, government and people to the Chinese Communist Party, the government and the people against the new crown pneumonia.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia (left) to Cubas embassy in Cuba sent Dias sympathy and support for the fight against the new crown pneumonia. Photo source: Official Website of Chinese Embassy in Cuba

Brazilian president bosonaro expressed that he believed that the Chinese government and people would win the final victory in fighting the epidemic, and said that Pakistan is willing to provide assistance and support to China within its capabilities.

Ecuadorian president Moreno spoke highly of the Chinese governments timely and active response measures to control the epidemic and its transparency, and said that all Ecuadorians would like to work together to wish the epidemic subside as soon as possible.

Colombian President Jacques Duke expressed his firm belief that Chinas relevant measures will effectively protect China and people around the world from the greater impact of the epidemic.

Venezuelan President Maduro said that China has taken innovative measures to deal with the epidemic, made great efforts to protect the people and demonstrated the superiority of Chinas system. Believe that China will win!

Costa Ricas president Alvarado expressed appreciation for Chinas timely sharing of information with who and other parties, and believed that the Chinese people would be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

Ivan Flores, speaker of the house of representatives of Chile, said that the Chinese government has taken strong measures to fight the epidemic, and international cooperation is open and transparent. Chinas efforts are admirable.

Argentine foreign minister Gonzalez Garcia expressed deep admiration for Chinas amazing ability in the prevention and control of the epidemic and believed that China would win this crucial battle. Argentina fully supports this and is willing to provide help within its capabilities.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a vice minister of foreign affairs of Uruguay, Ariel Belgamino, on behalf of the Uruguay government, gave the donation to Chinas ambassador to Uruguay, Wang Gang, to carry out the prevention and treatment of new crown pneumonia.

Uruguay China donated novel coronavirus pneumonia to the Chinese government. Photo source: wechat official account of Uruguayan Embassy in China


At the same time of official positive action, the people of Latin American countries are also expressing their support and help to China in their own way. Here, the first report tells two small stories.

Chile, Dana, 5; Argentina, Dante, 11; El Salvador, baleria, 13 Children from more than 10 Latin American countries spontaneously paint, cheer for Wuhan and China. Mexican boy Emilio said his mother told him that two years ago, when Mexico was hit by a major earthquake, China was one of the first countries to provide assistance to Mexico. Now, when China is in trouble, he feels he has to do something.

Chilean Student Christian pradnas chose to stay in Wuhan during the outbreak. He and several foreign students launched an online fund-raising activity to raise funds to buy protective equipment and donate to hospitals in Wuhan. You may not know how much contribution and sacrifice Wuhan has made to the whole world and mankind, he told his sister in Chile. Only those who live here can truly realize all this.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. In this sudden outbreak, China Latin America friendship has become more profound, and the concept of China Latin America community of common destiny has become more popular. (reporter: Qian Yongwen, Chen Shan; drawing: Chen Shan; Editor: Hao Weiwei, Ma Xiaoyan, Tang Zhiqiang)