Inspire the soul of your racing car new products of BMW M family are coming

 Inspire the soul of your racing car new products of BMW M family are coming

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In 2020, the bmwm product array will continue to meet the diversified needs of Chinese customers

In China, bmwm5, M2 and M4 lead the market segments with strength and sales volume

* m badge shows personalized style, and engineer culture leads driving pleasure

New M5

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1. New M products will come in 2020

In 2020, BMW brand China will continue to make efforts to arouse m fans racing spirit with a series of attractive products. As an innovative benchmark for high-performance vehicles, each m-model must undergo two and a half years of testing at the Nurburgring test center before it is released, as well as the rigorous adjustment of the circuit cycle test every 16-20 weeks before it enters into mass production.

New bmwm8 four door car thunder version

* key new bmwm vehicles in 2020

This year, the new bmwm8 four door coupe and its thunderbolt version will officially enter the Chinese market. At the same time, the new BMW X5M, the new BMW X6M and the new BMW M5 will also be launched in China in the next few months. The powerful BMW family array will bring Chinese customers a more appealing high-performance luxury driving experience, and meet customers expectations and pursuit of BMW high-performance vehicles with new design and innovation power and technology.

M is very important to BMW Group, said Dr. Liu Zhi, President of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. BMW brand represents BMWs pursuit of high performance and driving pleasure. Based on strong product strength and deep understanding of consumers for many years, bmwm has more and more loyal fans in the Chinese market. Listen carefully, respond quickly and dig deep into the Chinese market, which is the basis for the healthy growth of bmwm.

New X5M

In 2019, the product array of bmwm in China will be expanded to 14, and the overall product line will be increased by 56%. The introduction of innovative BMW X3M, innovative BMW x4m and their Thunderclap versions made BMW high-performance models enter the market of medium-sized sport utility vehicle (SAV) and sport utility car (SAC) for the first time. Once again, BMW familys all road adaptability and pure BMWs sports performance are perfectly combined to meet the personalized needs of different consumers.

Innovation bmwx3m, innovation bmwx4m

New bmwm2 thunder Edition

At the same time, the launch of the new bmwm2 thunderbolt version makes bmwm set a new benchmark in the compact luxury high-performance vehicle market again. With the launch of bmwm8 coupe, bmwm8 convertible coupe and their thunder versions, a new generation of luxury sports models exclusive to the high-performance market segment also arrived on schedule. Thanks to the strong product offensive centered on customers, the global sales volume of bmwm in 2019 is leading with a year-on-year growth of 32.2%, and the sales volume in China is also growing steadily. Among them, the new bmwm2, M4 and M5 have become the leaders of their respective market segments with strength, technology and sales volume.

New M4

3. Create exclusive car in all aspects

As a completely independently developed bmwm model, up to 80% of its parts are exclusive to m or redeveloped and designed. Every detail is the highest embodiment of BMWs car making philosophy. These specially designed m-parts for the model involve all aspects of aerodynamics, suspension, appearance and interior decoration, bringing more surging performance and ultimate driving pleasure to all levels of products. At the same time, more than 330000 bmwm owners in the world have ordered the M personalized kit, which makes the car sport luxury and interior and exterior repair. The pure m characteristics are unforgettable.

The rich product line-up of bmwm family, together with the exclusive personalized configuration, fully meets the consumers enthusiasm for high-performance subdivided models. As always, we will bring the pioneer technology from racing sports to the customers who have extreme requirements for driving performance. In any era, bmwm is the innovative benchmark of high-performance cars, and is the work of joint dedication of racing drivers, engineers and various racetracks. Bmwm confirms the high-performance demand of ultimate driving machine. It represents the purest sports belief, the highest super car making technology, the most personalized choice and the most noble exclusive taste. It is the soul of BMW. In 2020, bmwm will make further efforts to make customers feel Ms undoubted pure driving pleasure with more exciting products.

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