Always worried about infection? What if someone in the building is diagnosed? All you care about is here

 Always worried about infection? What if someone in the building is diagnosed? All you care about is here

1. As a volunteer in the community, sometimes I encounter something unpleasant. My family advised me not to go. I dont think they understand me.

A: Thank you for your hard work. You did a good job! Allow the negative emotions to vent properly, dont hold back; communicate with your family well, and believe that they will understand and support you in the end; you can also talk with your family and friends, holding a group to keep warm is very important; actively self talk (self suggestion) to affirm your value; reasonably arrange your life, appropriately withdraw from the epidemic, and do something you like at home outside of work Thing.

2. Since the epidemic prevention and control, my colleagues and I have been working overtime. Recently, we suddenly have no appetite, dizziness and headache, and cant sleep well. Is there something wrong with our bodies?

A: Thank you for your hard work in epidemic prevention and control! When the workload is too heavy, the mood and body will be affected, resulting in tension, anxiety and various physical reactions.

It is suggested to adjust the workload properly, pay attention to rest; do some relaxation exercises, such as meditation and mindfulness; if there is still no improvement, seek the help of a professional doctor.

3. Children cant stay at home. They always quarrel about going out. What should we do?

A: love to play is the nature of children. During the epidemic, parents need to do the following:

First, do the right demonstration. When we ask children not to go out or less, parents should first practice and set an example.

Second, listen to your feelings. Encourage children to express their inner feelings, communicate actively, listen patiently and fully understand.

Third, play some creative, teaching and active games with children, such as story taking, fairy tale performance, home-based sports, etc., to distract childrens attention and relieve their bad mood through various ways.

4. I am a pregnant woman, very flustered every day, how should I adjust?

A: first of all, we should accept rationally. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, pregnant women are more likely to feel anxious and learn to accept their emotions.

Secondly, we should create a quiet and comfortable environment. In addition to the production inspection, try not to go out and rest at home.

Third, we should arrange our life reasonably. Keep regular work and rest, learn some knowledge of pregnancy, do proper housework and home exercise.

Authoritative information can also be inquired, including online consultation of medical institutions, but information overload should be avoided.

Finding emotional support is also a good way. You can talk to your family and friends, or seek support from professionals, so as to release bad emotions in time.

5. I often cant sleep now. What should I do?

A: we should adhere to regular work and rest; avoid browsing the epidemic information before going to bed, and avoid touching things that excite us; carefully arrange food and drink, with reasonable nutrition balance; learn self relaxation skills, such as psychological landing technology, breath relaxation, etc.; do some home exercises every day, and it is recommended to reach the heart rate of 120 times / min, sweat slightly, and last for 20-40 minutes every day, but do not sleep Pre movement.

6. Someone in our community has been diagnosed. Its still from our building. Its a panic. What can I do?

A: in the face of disasters and crises, anxiety and panic are the normal response and survival instinct of human beings. But exaggerating the crisis we are facing often leads to some problems. It can be adjusted in the following ways:

First, check the threat of real problems to yourself and find countermeasures. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed around it, does it mean that it will be infected? The answer is No. Its crucial to do a good job in personal protection.

Second, distraction. Do something interesting to distract your attention. Listening to songs, reading books and watching plays are all good ways.

7. Always stay at home, no interest, mood is also very low, how to do?

A: we should improve it through three good uses:

First, make good use of home-based sports to promote emotions.

Second, make good use of imagination to add fun. Imagine, when the epidemic is over, your play plan and strategy.

Third, we should make good use of mindfulness and improve our sensitivity. Through breathing training, body scanning and other exercises, we can help ourselves better perceive the present, balance rational and perceptual beliefs, and reduce judgment.

8. Recently, because I cant go out, adults and children are very upset, and I often lose patience. I have more disputes with my children than usual. What should I do?

A: in the case of being unable to go out, the physical distance between parents and children becomes very close, and psychological friction will increase. How to communicate with children?

First, we should be good at listening, understand childrens inner world, and work together with children to solve some problems.

Second, make good use of language skills. Try to describe the facts as much as possible, and if possible, give the child more positive responses, rather than just negative comments.

Third, we need to think more about each others position, understand and understand each other.

Fourth, we should leave more alone space for children, and do not focus on children all day long.

9. I am an old man, usually used to go out for a walk every day, now my family dont let me go out, I feel very unaccustomed.

A: communicate with your family more, say your true inner thoughts, listen to their opinions and suggestions; arrange your life reasonably, such as reading, practicing, cooking, and making crafts; use wechat video, telephone, etc. to communicate with relatives and friends to relieve depression; do some home fitness and relaxation exercises suitable for you.

10. During the epidemic, some relatives died. Do you want to tell the children?

Answer: we should timely, succinctly and clearly tell the children about the illness and death of their relatives; let the adults with stable emotions take care of the childrens life and arrange stable life and regular life for children; set aside time for parents and children every day to listen, affirm and respond to children, teach children to express their emotions, relax and decompress, and do happy things together; avoid passing on their emotions Give to children and avoid doing more harm.

11. There are always friends who believe in all kinds of information. As medical staff, even if I tell the truth, they still question it, which makes me very depressed.

A: the transparency of epidemic information in Shanghai has always been very high. In the current epidemic situation, people are always more likely to think of the bad side of things they dont know, which is conducive to early warning and prevention. But in fact, everyone doesnt want bad things to happen. In addition, people who pay too much attention to the epidemic are prone to various pessimistic guesses. In fact, they dont trust the medical staffs information all the time, not because they think the data is untrue, but because the information they receive from other anecdotes is not consistent with what we said. Many people prefer to believe all kinds of news, so they dont trust us.

We can talk with them more about what we are good at, how to do epidemic prevention or common sense of life, and guide them to avoid over focusing on the rumors related to the epidemic.

12, I think novel coronavirus pneumonia is very afraid, can not eat rice, sometimes diarrhea. If I am not afraid, will the problem of appetite and diarrhea get better?

A: emotions are really closely related to our physical reactions. Anxiety, fear and other emotions, if not well vent, may lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, and show diarrhea, constipation and other conditions, will also affect appetite. If you dont have physical diseases and obvious external causes, you can alleviate these discomfort by adjusting your mood.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, 13, I recently wind sways grass, I worry that I have caught a new crown pneumonia. I went to the hospital for an examination, and the result was negative. I still couldnt control my anxiety and couldnt sleep at night.

A: during the epidemic, this kind of panic is more common. In this case:

First, novel coronavirus pneumonia knowledge is learned through official platform, including epidemiological information of confirmed cases, and then respect and believe in reality.

The second is to seek assistance in a timely manner to keep warm. Many people have similar problems and can help each other in the exchange process.

Third, for those who have too high demands on themselves and the people around them, the anxiety during the epidemic will be more serious. They should learn to let go, learn to relax and tell themselves that they cant do everything.

14. A few days ago, my family had a dispute with the security guard of the community. At that time, I broke out and scolded him in front of the security guard. I regret that I cant control my emotions.

A: This is a long-standing emotion. Your family did something related to your anxiety, which led to the outbreak of anxiety.

We should examine the communication between ourselves and our families and make some adjustments. We should find a reasonable way to relieve the accumulated pressure and anxiety. For example, increase physical exercise, run; throw pillows, fight boxing, etc. indoors, release your bad mood regularly, and make the mood fluctuation smaller; gradually popularize science to your family, and let them gradually strengthen their awareness of prevention and control.

15. Im usually very strong. I dont know why recently. I always think of something bad. I want to cry if I cant move.

A: its our subconscious mind that is acting strangely. Usually, we will cover up a lot of real needs and ideas through self-defense to make people around us feel strong. In an epidemic situation, if you stay at home all day, there will be no such defense. At this time, many things in your subconscious will show up on the level of consciousness, often many of them are not good, such as dissatisfaction with yourself, dissatisfaction with the society, feeling helpless and lonely, etc.

You can try to learn self orientation and ask yourself: who I am, why I exist in this society, what I want, what is my bottom line Set up a question bank for yourself, select the most important questions you think, think about them repeatedly, and think them through. If there are some extreme ideas, you need to seek professional help.

16. Recently, I wash my hands ten times a day. I cant control myself. What should I do?

A: This is a kind of compulsive behavior, which can be actively controlled.

In our daily life, we should pay attention to our behavior patterns and take the initiative to control our behavior. Take forced hand washing as an example. Remind yourself its back when you wash your hands repeatedly, and then deliberately reduce the number of times you wash your hands. After two or three days, you will find that you dont need to wash your hands so many times, and you will still be fine.

If you find yourself out of control, use family help to monitor. If the situation is still serious, professional help needs to be sought.

17. Recently, both husband and wife are staying at home. When they look up, they dont look down. When they cant move, they quarrel. What should we do?

A: this seems to be the friction that two people have to meet under the epidemic situation, but in fact, this kind of friction has existed for a long time, only under certain circumstances.

It is suggested to start from now on: establish a specific communication behavior between husband and wife, such as looking at each other for 5 minutes every day; if both of them want to change, they can take advantage of this time to talk more about their common goals, difficulties, future needs and hopes; communication is also an interactive art, which requires more training and learning of speaking skills.

18. In the past, when the child was in the kindergarten during the day, he would take him around at night. Now he is driven crazy by the beast of God 24 hours a day. What should I do?

A: the pace of adults is fast, many peoples patience is worn away, and children are carefree. In fact, we can take advantage of this opportunity to set up a family rule to tell our children what to do at what time. In addition, if the child wants to play, let him play through, play with him, how to play is very particular, especially for young children, can carry out some educational games. Of course, in any case, every day to their own time, relax.