The difficulty of melting and spraying cloth for mask material: price skyrocketed 10 times and still one cloth is hard to find

 The difficulty of melting and spraying cloth for mask material: price skyrocketed 10 times and still one cloth is hard to find

Recently, the head of a medical and health product manufacturing enterprise in Zhejiang told surging news that the enterprise is under the pressure of doubling the cost while producing at full capacity. Among them, as the core material of mask to filter germs, the price of melt blown cloth has soared from 20000 / T to 200000-300000 / T in just one month.

According to many related enterprises interviewed by surging news, melt blown cloth enterprises and melt blown cloth special materials enterprises are faced with production line shortage, high production requirements, long equipment procurement cycle and other problems. The production capacity is far from meeting the market demand, resulting in imbalance between supply and demand. Some mask factories have machines and workers, but lack of melt blown cloth, and still one cloth is hard to find under the sky price.

The person in charge of the melt blown cloth production enterprise reminded that, driven by the interests, the melt blown cloth which does not have the function of isolating bacteria also began to mix into the market more and more, or will lead to the flooding of fake medical mask which does not have the function of isolating virus.

Current situation: the price of melt blown cloth has increased to 10 times, and the enterprise is under pressure

Menghepings enterprise is a private enterprise in Sichuan that began to produce medical masks on February 3. At this time, the price of melt blown cloth has increased. He said that on February 8, his purchase price was 40000 / T, and the price rose 10 days later. Through the coordination of the local government, he bought a ton of materials at the price of 180000 yuan. On February 27, he was informed that the price of the melt blown cloth was 250000 / T. Before, a ton of melt blown cloth cost only 20000 yuan. In just 30 days, the price of a ton of melt blown cloth has increased to more than ten times.

But the soaring price of the melt blown cloth is the key point that all the medical mask manufacturers cant get around.

There are three layers of medical masks. The melt blown cloth is the middle layer, which has strong filtering, shielding and heat insulation. It can kill bacteria and isolate viruses. It can be said that it is the heart of a medical mask. One ton of melt blown cloth can produce 5.6 million medical masks, and our current materials can only last for another 10-20 days, Meng said

Meng Pinghe said that his enterprise produced medical masks at its own expense and sent them to local residents for free use. The sky high price melt blown cloth made him trapped. We are looking for melt blown cloth everywhere. A few days ago, someone said that there were goods in another place. If 25 tons were needed or not, I said no, it was really too expensive.

Zhejiang Jinhua JIURUI mask factory, which specializes in producing masks, felt the price rise of melt blown cloth earlier than mengpinghe. General Manager Ye Zhenhao said: it has started to rise since new years Eve. It used to be 2 million tons in general. It started to soar all the way before, and now some of them have been sold to more than 300000.

After the rise of raw materials, the survival of Ye Zhenhaos mask factory has become more and more difficult. Under the epidemic situation, it was very difficult to purchase meltblown cloth. Now it has gone up so much that the cost will follow. If the manufacturer wants to increase the price of medical mask without losing money, the price of medical mask will be increased. But now the state has restricted the price of medical mask. We cant earn money and may lose money. Its very difficult to do it in the domestic market and do foreign trade Better.

Since the start of the production of medical masks on January 27, Zhejiang anpson Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as anpson medical) has been faced with the problem of the shortage of melt blown cloth. It has contacted several other medical mask manufacturers and Zhejiang local media to urgently find suppliers of raw materials. Now, after more than a month of construction, ampson medical is still facing the problem of melt blown cloth.

Now its more than 10 times bigger, and you cant buy it if you want. Jiang Jiang, general manager of the company, said that there were relatively few enterprises producing melt blown cloth. In the past, the enterprises in which he worked used to purchase goods from different manufacturers in Hangzhou, Hunan, Jiangsu and other places. During the Spring Festival, because the factory did not return to work, there was a shortage of raw materials for a time, and then it slowly recovered. However, more than ten days ago, the situation of one cloth is hard to find appeared again in the market.

At present, fabrics like melt blown cloth are used locally, so its hard for us to buy them in other places. Jiang said that at present, the meltblown cloth used in the factory is purchased by the customers, but there are only a few sources of goods.

Jiang also believes that a large number of enterprises have flooded into the market of medical masks, which has also increased the price of melt blown cloth. Now, in addition to expanding the production line of mask factories, many enterprises are turning to medical masks, especially large enterprises, which have sufficient funds to store a large number of melt blown cloth at a time, so it is more difficult for our small enterprises specializing in the production of masks to buy goods.

In addition to the price rise of melt blown cloth, other mask raw materials are also facing the problem of price rise. Jiang Jiang told surging news that the price rise of earband (elastic band) for mask is the second largest among raw materials, which has increased by more than five times at present. Although there is no problem of purchase difficulty, the price of raw materials has skyrocketed, bringing great pressure to enterprises.

In the past, the cost of producing a common medical mask was only a few cents. Now, with the price of raw materials rising, the cost has doubled, and its more than one yuan. But the government has set the highest purchase price, so its very difficult for our enterprise. Jiang Jiang said.

Traceability: the production capacity of melt blown cloth is low, and the enterprise claims that the main reason is that the middleman is increasing the price

With the price of melt blown cloth soaring, what is the situation of raw material manufacturers?

Hunan Shengjin New Material Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the production of special materials for melt blown cloth. We produce raw material particles for melt blown cloth, which is a kind of polypropylene particles. After the particles are melted, they can be sprayed on the cloth by process, which can play a role of barrier and protection. Tian Boling, a person in charge of the company, told surging news that the company has been fully back to work since January 28, and has maintained full load production, still unable to meet the demand for special materials for melt blown cloth.

Now the order has been fully received, and other orders can only be received after March 15. Now they can only meet the old customers, and they are no longer able to receive orders for new customers. Tian said that at present, the companys orders are mainly provided to the pillar large enterprises on the list according to the list of guarantee and supply issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, which many small enterprises cannot take into account.

In the chain of medical mask, melt blown cloth, special material for melt blown cloth and raw material, special material is the most important link.

According to Tian Boling, the main raw material for the production of melt blown cloth is polypropylene, which is mainly supplied by SINOPEC. According to the public report, on February 18, Sinopec and PetroChina urgently adjusted their production units to produce medical polyolefins to meet the demand of medical materials such as non-woven polypropylene fiber special materials and medical polypropylene special materials.

Where is the special material from polypropylene to melt blown cloth stuck?

The main reason is that the production capacity is limited and the acceptance standard is high. At present, there are many domestic non-woven fabric factories, but due to the low profit and high technical requirements of melt blown fabric special materials, which belong to the field of minority and partial door, there are very few manufacturers, there are only a few large enterprises that can survive, said Tian Boling

At present, a special material production line can produce 10-15 tons of special materials a day. Assuming there are 50 production lines in China, only 500-600 tons can be supplied a day, Tian said. Now everyone is putting on a large number of masks, thinking that there will be a mask machine to solve the problem, but after finishing it, we found that there is a lack of melt blown cloth, and after putting on the melt blown cloth production line, we found that there is no special material, in fact, this is one ring for one ring.

However, Tian bolingcheng, under the surging demand and the soaring price of the melt blown cloth, the profit of the melt blown cloth special material has not changed much. The enterprises that produce the melt blown cloth look for us to buy the special material only 10000 / T, sell the melt blown cloth to 200000 / T after production, and even fry it to 400000 / T on the black market. Although the upstream determines the output, the profits are basically in the downstream.

In the downstream of the special material, the melt blown cloth production enterprises also have pressure.

Hubei MeiErTe New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MeiErTe) is the largest manufacturer of melt blown cloth in Xiantao City. As for the current high price of melt blown cloth, Party Zhonghua, a person in charge of the company, said that more middlemen are speculating, now the price of melt blown cloth is very chaotic, and our factory price is not high in fact, mainly because middlemen increase the price in the middle. He told surging news that at present, profits are only slightly higher than before, but there are more problems.

Party Zhonghua told surging news that they only have one production line now, and the production of one days melt blown cloth can support the production of 2.5 million disposable medical masks, but it is still seriously insufficient, even if our production capacity is increased by 10 times, it is not enough. He said.

As one of the key production enterprises of epidemic prevention and control materials in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, melter needs to mainly guarantee the supply of meltblown cloth in Hubei Province, we have now regretted all contracts of other local customers, all customers want goods, but we cant even guarantee the local enterprises in Hubei Province. Party Zhonghua said that in the past, the production line only operated 8 hours a day, but now it is 24 hours production, and the supply still exceeds the demand.

Party China has also considered increasing production lines, but the equipment production cycle is too long, and it will take at least 8 months to add a production line, which can not solve the urgent problem.

What worries the party and China most is the problem of customers. Now in order to ensure the supply of Hubei Province, we have all pushed out the enterprises from other places and stopped the supply. The customers from other places have to seek cooperation from other manufacturers, which means that after the epidemic, we may face the problem of large-scale loss of customers, which involves the survival of our enterprises. He said he did not know whether his own enterprises could continue to produce after the outbreak.

Warning: be alert to non-standard melt blown cloth, and the enterprise suggests to strengthen supervision

With the rapid increase of demand and price, the quality of melt blown cloth is also facing the test.

We can only say that there are fake goods every year, especially this year. Jiang Jiang, general manager of ampson medical, told surging news that inferior meltblown cloth has always existed in the market. He said that before, most of the mask factories cooperated with the familiar melt blown cloth manufacturers. Now, when the demand is surging, some of the melt blown cloth manufacturers are under local supervision, and the mask factories have to find a new source of goods, the inferior melt blown cloth may be in flood.

Jiang Jiang said that the real fake meltblown cloth is difficult to identify and needs to be tested professionally. The cost of testing is high, but the production of inferior meltblown cloth is relatively easy. Meltblown cloth needs to achieve certain filtering effect and indicators, and the fake meltblown cloth fails to meet the standard, that is, it does not play the role of protecting the virus. Some fake goods even fail to meet the electrostatic adsorption standard, and it has no effect of isolating the virus Fruit.

Tian Boling analyzed the special material of melt blown cloth. He told the surging news that both the inner and outer layers of the medical mask are only supporting functions. The most important thing to filter the virus is the melt blown cloth in the middle. The filtering efficiency of the ordinary melt blown cloth is 50%. It needs to be reprocessed to increase the electrostatic absorption before it can reach more than 99% bacterial filtration (bfe99 for short).

The meltblown cloth with 50% filter efficiency can only be used as a civil protective mask, which can only prevent dust and dust and can not isolate the virus. However, all medical masks and surgical masks must use meltblown cloth with 99% filter efficiency. Tian Boling said that the production of 99% melt blown cloth with filter efficiency takes a long time, which will reduce the production capacity. Driven by the interests, someone may cheat, fraud means that some melt blown cloth that fails to meet the standard will be produced. After the mask is made, it is clearly a civil protective mask, without the role of disease and poison protection, but it is not 99% of the medical masks.

In February 26th, novel coronavirus infection and joint prevention and control mechanism were held in the State Council. The Ministry of Public Security said that 688 cases of protective materials such as fake and shoddy masks were detected, more than 1560 suspects were arrested, 3100 fake and shoddy masks were seized and a number of protective materials were found, involving 174 million yuan. Among them, 70% are sold through wechat friends circle and wechat business.

As a manufacturer of melt blown cloth, Party Zhonghua told surging news that he understood that there are many fake melt blown cloth on the market at present. He hoped that relevant departments could strengthen the control. While strictly checking the fake and three no medical masks, they should also strengthen the supervision of melt blown cloth products. Its hard for the common people to distinguish the quality of the melt spray cloth in the medical mask. If the purchased medical mask has no protective effect, the harm will be greater.