191 cases of fever diagnosed in Beijing Childrens Hospital

 191 cases of fever diagnosed in Beijing Childrens Hospital

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the average daily outpatient volume of Beijing Childrens hospital has remained at 2400. In Beijing Childrens Hospital, 191 children were admitted to the fever clinic, including 1 confirmed case and 26 suspected cases.

Ge Wentong said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the hospital has been focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the diagnosis and treatment services, maintaining the stable operation of the hospital. The hospital insists on moving forward the gate, and has special fever clinic and fever clinic area. Ge Wentong said that unlike adults, children are sick, have rapid onset and change, fever is relatively high in this season, and there are many accompanying personnel.

The fever clinic was set up in the hospital, and the febrile children with epidemiological history were received 24 hours a day;

Set up a special treatment area for febrile children to receive febrile children with no epidemiological history,

No fever was found in other areas.

Strictly adopt the process of three prevention and three control of preliminary screening, re screening of diagnosis platform and three screening of doctors consultation to ensure that no child is missed. In the process of medical treatment, strictly implement one patient one clinic one room and entering one waiting room one to avoid patient aggregation. From January 20 to February 28, the daily average number of outpatients was 2400.

The fever clinic of Beijing Childrens hospital carried out three-level consultation and introduced shelter CT timely. In order to deal with the epidemic situation, the hospital at the first time dispatched the backbone of internal medicine to form the first-line medical inspection and imaging class, the consultation expert group of main departments, and the core group of consultation in the hospital. The three-level consultation system of fever clinic was implemented, which was checked at all levels and comprehensively arranged. In the daily average of more than 2000 outpatients and more than half of them were febrile children, 191 of them met the fever clinic indication, One case was confirmed and 26 cases were suspected. In order to further improve the CT examination of fever patients and avoid cross infection, the shelter CT was successfully introduced to achieve early diagnosis, early treatment and early isolation of the disease.

Prevention and control of hospital sense is the top priority. The hospital should establish a system and implement it, and actively carry out all staff training and self-examination. Strictly supervise the protection materials, medical waste, environmental killing, etc., and ensure that there is no dead end in hospital sense management through detailed management such as removing the curtain and one meter line action.