Gu Gang, a director of HNA Group, was elected as executive chairman

 Gu Gang, a director of HNA Group, was elected as executive chairman

Beijing News on February 29th, HNA Group announced that, according to the needs of the work, after the deliberation and approval of the groups shareholders meeting on February 28, 2020 and the groups board of directors on February 29th, some directors were re elected. After the re-election, there are seven Directors: Chen Feng, Gu Gang, Li Xianhua, Tan Xiangdong, Ren Qinghua, Chen Xiaofeng and he Jiafu. Chen Feng was elected as chairman, Gu Gang as executive chairman and Li Xianhua as vice chairman. At the same time, the board of directors decided to appoint Tan Xiangdong as CEO and Tsinghua as co CEO respectively.

On the same day, HNA Group said that at the request of HNA Group, recently, Hainan Provincial Peoples government took the lead in sending professionals together with relevant departments to set up the joint working group of Hainan HNA Group. The joint working group will comprehensively assist and fully promote the groups risk disposal work.

According to HNA Group, Gu Gang, chairman of Hainan Development Holding Co., Ltd., served as the leader of the joint working group, Qinghua, director of the Management Committee of Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Li Shuangchen, deputy director of the Central South Regional Administration of civil aviation of China, and Cheng Gong, deputy director of the credit administration of the National Development Bank, served as the deputy leader.

Hainan HNA Group set up a working group to promote the groups risk resolution work

Since the outbreak of liquidity risk at the end of 2017, HNA Group has actively carried out self rescue with the support of all parties, but failed to completely resolve the risk. By novel coronavirus pneumonia in early 2020, the liquidity risk is increasing.

HNA investment has been listed in the list of business exceptions! Response: there may be misunderstanding

On February 25, the reporter of daily economic news learned from the national enterprise credit information publicity system that HNA investment (000616. SZ), a subsidiary of HNA Group, was recently listed in the list of business exceptions by Dalian market supervision and Administration Bureau for concealing the truth and practicing fraud due to the publicity of enterprise information.