Disease control in Hubei Province: still need to take the most strict control measures

 Disease control in Hubei Province: still need to take the most strict control measures

At the conference, a reporter asked that the epidemic situation in cities and prefectures other than Wuhan in Hubei Province has been alleviated. How can we continue to consolidate the results of prevention and control and avoid the risk of epidemic rebound?

Li Yang, deputy director of the center for Disease Control and prevention in Hubei Province, responded that at present, the province still needs to continue to take the most stringent prevention and control measures.

First, screening is fully covered. We will carry out screening and screening one by one, without missing one family and one person. We will do a solid job in screening, screening and comprehensive treatment of four categories of personnel. We will find and segregate the potential potential latent infections, suspected patients, confirmed patients and close contacts of confirmed patients.

The second is the full coverage of closed management of communities and villages. For places with serious epidemic situation and high confirmed cases, we should strictly implement the appropriate closed management of communities and villages, register and measure temperature in and out, limit the number and times of family going out, and minimize the flow and aggregation of people.

In addition, in the treatment process, we should follow the principle of four concentration, optimize the scheme of severe diagnosis and treatment, strive to improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate. In the blocking link, we should resolutely cut off the source of infection and the way of transmission, and do a good job in collecting and isolating the receivables.