Beijing household service association: extension of the return of domestic service staff to Beijing

 Beijing household service association: extension of the return of domestic service staff to Beijing

According to the opinion, domestic enterprises should arrange domestic service staff in epidemic areas to postpone their return to Beijing. According to the enterprises conditions and bearing capacity, the domestic service staff in non epidemic areas should make reasonable plans to avoid centralized return to Beijing. For the domestic service staff returning to Beijing, the enterprise shall arrange a special person to explain the precautions, including: report the ticket number, wear a mask, monitor the temperature, report the discomfort immediately, and the way to pick up the station in Beijing (enterprise or customer pick up, individual take a taxi or subway bus), etc. Strictly implement the requirements of 14 days of home-based or centralized medical observation for returnees to Beijing, at the same time, carry out the popularization of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, and arrange work after confirming safety.

Its worth noting that the opinions put forward that the housekeeper is forbidden to go out. If you are assigned by the customer to go out, you must wear a mask and choose a period of less people and a road section. Abide by the management regulations on the entry and exit of personnel in the community (street). Take off the coat and trousers at the first time after going out and return to the right place; handle disposable masks, wash hands and face. When returning to the store after a temporary break, the customers consent must be obtained, and the report shall be made to the store, and the specific itinerary shall be informed.

In view of the characteristics of irregular hourly workshop, large number of personnel and relatively high risk, domestic enterprises should implement independent management, understand and grasp the temperature change of hourly workers at any time, stipulate the walking route to the household, estimate the service time, and strive to ensure safety. For the staff who are engaged in patient care in hospitals and nursing homes, the enterprise shall rely on the organization where the nurses are located for strict management.

In addition, the Opinions also requires domestic enterprises to treat domestic service staff at their posts without letting them go. Their life training should be well arranged, their physical health monitoring should not be relaxed, they should keep in touch with domestic service staff who have not returned to Beijing, report the stage work and the next plan of the enterprise, keep domestic service staff, and make reserves for the overall return to work. In addition, epidemic knowledge popularization and skill training shall be carried out for the personnel who are not on duty to ensure that they are competent for the post after returning to work.