Foreign cars are not allowed to enter Beijing? Temporary advice for vehicles entering Beijing in Hubei Province

 Foreign cars are not allowed to enter Beijing? Temporary advice for vehicles entering Beijing in Hubei Province

Last night, the reporter got a notice signed as Cunrui community neighborhood committee of Shacheng town, which said, since February 28, 2020, traffic control has been implemented on some roads in Beijing, the main road of G6 (Beijing Tibet) expressway is forbidden to enter Beijing, and the auxiliary road of G6 advises non Beijing vehicles to return. There is no special situation, please do not enter Beijing.

The information in the notice was also confirmed on social media, and several netizens who had driven vehicles with foreign license plates in recent two days said that they were advised to return to the Beijing checkpoint at the Beijing Tibet expressway.

To this end, the reporter respectively to the first group, 122 platform, highway checkpoints. Recently, some highway inspection stations in Beijing have strengthened management measures to implement classified management for non Beijing vehicles.

This morning, the staff of the first group and Yanqing Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau told reporters that they need to consult the expressway checkpoint for management measures of non Beijing vehicles.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted a number of highway inspection stations in Beijing, asking whether they would advise the vehicles with foreign license plates to return.

The staff at Kangzhuang checkpoint of Beijing Tibet Expressway made it clear that vehicles with license plates from other places cant enter Beijing now, even if they havent been to Hubei, Wuhan and other areas. According to the anti epidemic management requirements of the site, if it is necessary for vehicles or personnel from other places to arrive in Beijing, they must be picked up by people from the street where their Beijing residence is located or from the local government departments, the staff said.

The staff at Baimiao checkpoint of Tongyan Expressway said that if the driver and vehicle have not been to Hubei, they can enter Beijing normally, and vehicles that have been to Hubei and vehicles with Hubei license plate can not enter Beijing temporarily.

Workers at Xiji comprehensive inspection station on Beijing Harbin Expressway said vehicles licensed in high-risk areas such as Hubei would be advised to return. Vehicles with license plates in Hebei, Tianjin and other places can enter Beijing as long as there is no fever.

At present, only vehicles with Hubei license plate can not enter Beijing, and now Hubei license plate can not apply for Beijing license on the Internet, said the wiring personnel at the comprehensive inspection station of Beijing Tianjin highway

In addition, in view of the concern of many citizens about whether Hebei and Tianjin license plate vehicles can enter Beijing normally, the reporter understands that the policy standards implemented by different highway checkpoints are slightly different. In addition to the Beijing Tibet Expressway Kangzhuang checkpoint, which clearly indicated that no vehicles with foreign license plates could enter, other checkpoints indicated that vehicles in Tianjin and Hebei could pass normally as long as there was no fever in the vehicle.

The reporter learned that during the non epidemic period, according to the relevant regulations of Beijing traffic management department, there is no restriction on the temporary entry of vehicles from other places into Beijing, but it is necessary to apply for the entry permit at each high-speed entry inspection station. If the entry permit is not applied for and enters the restricted area, the electronic police will impose a penalty of 100 yuan and 3 points after shooting, and there is no limit on the number of times, which can be cumulatively punished.

Hubei netizens have not returned to Hubei and are still isolated from the media: unreasonable and ignorant

Only because the ID card is 420, even if the Spring Festival did not return to Hubei, still be isolated by the community requirements. This is the experience of Hubei netizens posting, and also the performance of lazy politics. People from the epidemic area need to be quarantined, which is necessary for anti epidemic, but whats the relationship with the ID card number? There are many ways to query activity track. Cant you take a look carefully? According to the ID card number, all the staff members are easy to carry out. Hubei compatriots can be killed! #The virus will not be transmitted through the ID card number. This is common sense. I hope every staff member understands it.