The first braised meat was eaten on the 35th day

 The first braised meat was eaten on the 35th day

On February 28, the 35th day of Hubei support, Wuhan, overcast with rain.

Today, I have a rest and wake up naturally after sleeping. Today, when I have time, I can eat a bowl of hot beef noodles, explore our new hotel, and wash my coat well.

After breakfast, I swiped my mobile phone and saw a picture of Peng YuYans donation to Jinyintan hospital. I quickly transferred the picture to my daughter, which is one of the few stars she likes.

Peng Yuyan donated items to Jinyintan hospital. All the pictures are provided by Dr. cha qiongfang

My daughter is a senior three this year. Although she has been away from home for more than a month and is unable to take care of her herself, I am not worried. Because her class teacher pan, her Dajing middle school and her tutor song are caring about her, and my family, friends, Renji Hospital Party committee and labor union, Jiaotong University Medical College, Guangming group are caring about her.

Thank you for your concern and help to my family.

Today, our group of discharged patients sent wechat to our machine 3 (cell phone of isolation ward) to thank the ICU for his careful treatment and thoughtful care. He has arrived at the centralized isolation observation point after discharge, please rest assured, and said that he will continue to take medicine, do a good job of protection and rest in accordance with our doctors orders, so as to consolidate our treatment effect on him. His wife is coming back from the hospital. Thank you for giving them a second life. They will remember for life!

What a lovely, intimate and warm patient.

Our nurse replied to him with machine 3: we are happier than him to see the patient recover and leave hospital. We will take good care of his wife and let them get together as soon as possible. Warm doctor-patient relationship!

Lunch was delicious. I had the braised pork that I havent seen for a long time. This is the first meal of braised pork after I arrived in Wuhan. Its the taste of Shanghai. Its the taste of my hometown. I ate two and a half pieces at a time, and I also ate a bowl of rice. It was a bit full after eating.

Dr. chaqiongfang had the first braised pork since he came to Wuhan.

Lets go to the door of the hotel and have a look at the sky outside. Lets eat by the way. Its drizzling outside. Its gray and depressing. Its a sunny day.

I happened to find a laundry room on the fourth floor of the hotel. There are washing machines and dryers in it. Its so happy that I sent my coat and down clothes to the washing machine. By the way, I looked at the running machine beside me. Even though I was very tired yesterday, I will be on night shift tomorrow. Id better go back to my room and have a nap.

In the afternoon, my mobile phone was swiped by a message. A couple of Renji hospitals in leishenshan hospital held a different wedding after the 95th anniversary. Im sorry that I cant participate in Wuhan as a Renji person, but I can only send my conventional blessing: I wish you a happy one hundred years, and have a baby early!

Tonight, we also have a birthday wish in the all season hotel, to celebrate the birthday of nurse Zhang from Qingpu District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, share the joy and spend an unforgettable birthday with her.

The medical team celebrated the birthday of nurse Zhang from Qingpu District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

Thank you for your care. We are a big family.