The Chinese expert group arrived in Iran today and Chinas ambassador to Iran praised: the most beautiful rebel

 The Chinese expert group arrived in Iran today and Chinas ambassador to Iran praised: the most beautiful rebel

The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran reached 388 people as of 28 PM, up 143 in the past day, 34 people died and 73 discharged from hospital. The epidemic has spread to 24 provinces in Iran, as of the afternoon of the Iran health ministry.

Chinese experts arrive in Iran

On February 28th,

A rumor is blowing up the Internet,

The Chinese team of experts will go to Iran to fight the epidemic.

According to @ Peoples daily, in order to support the prevention and control of the Iranian epidemic, a team of five volunteers from the Red Cross Society of China arrived in Tehran, the capital of Iran, in the early morning of the 29th local time, taking part of the medical materials assisted by China, according to the Chinese Embassy in Iran and local media.

Chinese experts said that they will seize the time to understand the epidemic situation in Iraq, exchange anti epidemic experience with Iranian counterparts, and promote cooperation between the two sides in the field of health care.

Officials from the Ministry of health warmly welcomed the Chinese expert team to Iraq and brought a new batch of assistance. He expressed his countrys appreciation for the positive results of Chinas fight against the epidemic, thanked China for providing medical materials and technical support in difficult times in Iraq, and was willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China and learn from Chinas experience in fighting the epidemic.

Chang Hua, Chinas ambassador to Iran, said the outbreak has no national boundaries. Recently, the outbreak in Iran has intensified, and China feels the same. The Red Cross Society of China sent a team of experts to share experiences with Iran in the fight against the epidemic, fully reflecting the Chinese peoples willingness to work side by side with the Iranian people to overcome the difficulties. Chang Hua expressed welcome and respect to the experts who came to Iraq and praised them as the most beautiful rebel.

China and Iran give epidemic prevention materials to each other

As early as February 13, the second batch of medical materials, such as N95 masks donated by Iran, arrived in China at the beginning of Chinas anti epidemic campaign. @Wuhan wins, Hubei wins, Hubei wins, China wins, China wins, the world wins! shouted the Iranian embassy in China

To this day, the epidemic situation in Iran is increasing. According to the @ Peoples daily, Chinas second batch of materials to support Iran, including 50000 new coronavirus detection boxes, is expected to arrive in Tehran on the evening of the 29th.

The Chinese Embassy in Iran has donated 250000 masks to the Ministry of health, health and education on behalf of the Chinese government and local Chinese enterprises. In the early days of Chinas anti epidemic campaign, Iran donated materials, said Chang Hua, Chinese ambassador to Iran. Ill be rewarded with peaches and Qiongyao.

Adams sons are brothers, and brothers are like brothers. This is from sadi, a famous ancient Persian poet.

Screenshot source: Green Hornet of China Youth Daily

In response, @ Irans embassy in China responded: we are deeply moved that China still extends a helping hand to Iran in the difficult time of the first-line war epidemic.

Iranian boys stay in Wuhan to make coffee for medical staff

On February 14, @ the Iranian embassy in China also told us the story of sina, an Iranian boy.

Sina, an Iranian boy, is a barista at wakanda coffee shop in Wuhan. After the outbreak, Sina and his colleagues volunteered to stay and provided 500 cups of coffee for the first-line medical staff every day.

Sina has twice received the notice from the Iranian embassy in China that there is a special plane for Iranian citizens to return home. But he refused. He wanted to continue making coffee for angels in white with his friends.

China is my second home, Sina said What he did was just learned from the Chinese and paid homage to them!

Today, every day, there are netizens from all over the world who punch in and pay the bill in this store:

As the @ Iranian embassy in China said: everyones goodwill may be a glimmer of firelight, but when the light converges, Mingyao can participate in the sun and the moon.

Viruses have no borders, epidemics have no race.

Unity, only unity,

Thats the only way to beat the virus.