The Hong Kong office urges the US side to stop covering up the suspected criminals

 The Hong Kong office urges the US side to stop covering up the suspected criminals

The spokesman pointed out that Hong Kong is a society ruled by law. No one can be above the law, and anyone must bear the legal responsibility for his behavior. Li Zhiyings group is a national scum who has been engaged in the activities of endangering the country and Hong Kong for a long time, but the U.S. government beautifies them as advocates of freedom and democracy; the police in the special zone clearly act on Li Zhiying and others suspected of crimes according to the law, while the U We are afraid of Hong Kongs sinister attempt to stay calm.

The spokesman stressed that Chinas determination to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests is unswerving, and its determination to oppose any external interference in Hong Kong affairs is unswerving. Once again, we urge the US side to immediately stop covering up the suspected criminals in Hong Kong, stop undermining the rule of law and judicial independence of the SAR, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs. Otherwise, it will surely lead to a resolute counterattack from all Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots.

U.S. congressman talks about arrest of Li Zhiying

On February 29, China News Agency Hong Kong electro acupuncture told members of the U.S. congressmen about the legal actions taken by the police in the SAR against Li Zhiying and other countries. A spokesman for the special office of the Ministry of foreign affairs in Hong Kong said at night on February 28 that the members concerned had been engaged in Anti China and anti chaos activities for a long time, colluded with and conspired with Hong Kongs traitors, openly whitewashed and covered up their illegal acts, and interfered violently We strongly condemn and firmly oppose the regional rule of law and judicial independence, and slander the central governments policy towards Hong Kong.