Wuhan university students diagnosed 38 days without infection, one person was strong and summed up three reasons

 Wuhan university students diagnosed 38 days without infection, one person was strong and summed up three reasons

Home diagnosis, not a friend, Wuhan university students hard core isolation 38 days! (source: Chutian Metropolis Daily)

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) joint report is released in February 29th. The latest findings and Countermeasures of new crown pneumonia were announced in February 29th. The report points out that China has taken the bravest, most flexible and most active prevention and control measures in history. In this regard, the anchor has strong words.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed today when he returned to his hometown in Wuhan during the winter vacation. But he had not been infected for 38 days since he got home. How to do it? We have summarized that first, he has done a good job in the whole process of protection, second, he has insisted on self isolation, and third, he has taken the initiative to report information. With anticipation, action and responsibility, this young man is very kind.

u25b3 Guo Yue, a junior majoring in accounting at Wuhan University, returned home on January 22, wearing gloves and masks all the way

u25b3 after leaving the hospital, Guo Yue still insists on living in the garage and self isolation

u25b3 Guo Yue donates blood to help others after healing

For some time, each of us has been doing our best to cooperate with the prevention and control. Next, the latest notice issued by the State Council also made it clear that we need to further implement the differentiated prevention and control strategy in different regions and levels. The hardest time of the epidemic hasnt passed. 1.4 billion people are fighting. Everyone counts. I hope we can continue to work harder. If we stick to each line of defense a little more, victory will come earlier.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Guo Yues Junior College of accounting, Wuhan, during her winter vacation from Wuhan to her hometown in Cangzhou. On January 22, Guo Yue set out from Wuhan to go home as planned. At that time, he didnt have any obvious symptoms of infection, but cautiously he had enough protection before getting on the plane - wearing three layers of masks and gloves.