The playwright! The prevention work of mens heart after drinking is checked by setting cards without permission

 The playwright! The prevention work of mens heart after drinking is checked by setting cards without permission

The epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, and all road checkpoints in Xinghua City have been removed one after another. However, at a crossing in Shenlun Town, the revoked checkpoint reappeared quietly. Who set the checkpoint? The police made an on-site investigation, and the result was really angry and angry.

The 110 alarm center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau received a call from the public. A man who drives a Shanghai C white minibus and wears a red armband is full of alcohol. He claims that the epidemic prevention worker has set up a card to intercept the vehicle on the road. From the mobile phone video provided by the alarm man, it can be seen that the man is standing in front of the alarm mans car. He claims to be the epidemic prevention volunteer in Shenlun town and asks the owner to show his identity License, drivers license. The man was full of alcohol, and the vehicles parked on the side of the road were license plates from other places. The driver felt very suspicious, so he had to call the police for help.

After receiving the alarm, the police on duty at Zhuhong police station rushed to the scene immediately. On the way to the scene, another driver also encountered such a situation. The dash cam provided by the driver shows that the white passenger car is still parked on the side of the road in the opposite direction. He wants to make a detour from the side lane. The white passenger car comes up to intercept him actively. He is not clear about the intention of the other side. The driver has to turn around and drive, but the white passenger car can not keep up. At this time, the police car that rushed to the scene passed by, and was also stopped by the white minibus.

Wang Chunyu, a police officer at Zhuhong police station, said, at that time, we were preparing to rush to the scene of the police. On the way, we met a driver wearing an anti epidemic red armband waving to us and overtaking to stop a car in front of us. After questioning, he said that he was an anti epidemic staff, is blocking inspection. During the conversation, we found that the driver who called himself an epidemic prevention officer was full of alcohol

While waiting for the traffic police, the police on duty once again contacted the exact location of the owner of the alarm. The other side said that the person who stopped the car had driven away, and the police immediately asked the alarm person to come to identify. Sure enough, the driver of the white minibus stopped before, and the police immediately took him to the police station for further investigation. Ten minutes later, the on duty police of the cretian traffic police squadron also arrived at the police station, where they tested Shao for alcohol.

Chen Sizhu, a member of the cretian squadron of Taizhou traffic police, said, after the alcohol breath test, the alcohol content in Shaos blood per 100ml is 204 mg, suspected of driving a non-commercial vehicle drunk, and we will take it to the hospital to take blood samples according to law.

Who is this fake epidemic prevention personnel in the end? Why should I drive drunk to check the epidemic prevention? According to Shao himself, he is the operator of Shenlun town agricultural trade market, and has previously participated in the anti epidemic inspection work in the market. Last night, he had a lot of wine at home with two friends. After the dinner, he drove out alone.

Shao told reporters that he ran into a foreign license plate vehicle on the road, thinking that the current epidemic prevention work can not be relaxed, so he put on the red armband previously placed in the car, and began this absurd behavior.

The Public Security Department reminded the general public that Shao was suspected of breaking the law by driving a motor vehicle on the road after drinking, and it was even illegal to set up a card to intercept the vehicle without permission.

At present, Shao is suspected of dangerous driving, so we will revoke his motor vehicle driving license according to law. We will not apply for it again within 5 years, and investigate his criminal responsibility according to law, said Chen Sizhu, a policeman of the cretian squadron of Taizhou traffic police. At the same time, we also remind the general public. The prevention and control of the epidemic is not over yet. I hope that we can go out less, have fewer parties, wear masks, not relax our vigilance, not to mention drink and drive.